Stop Telling Your Friends That There's A Dot In Your E-mail AddressStop Telling Your Friends That There's A Dot In Your E-mail Address

Have you ever shared a Gmail id in which there are full stops? Or have you ever mentioned a Gmail id as caps on and caps off for capital letters? Well, Here is the ugly truth, my friend, you have been doing it wrong all the time.

And no need to be embarrassed about this is completely normal I shared about this already many times on my social media but here is a chance from me to share it with you all again and this time I hope people who don’t know about this Gmail trick will definitely read this because Gmail is the most used mailing website these days. Now you might me wondering what I am going to actually talk about well nothing too surprising, So lets hop into the topic.

Gmail ids are not good to remember when they involve dots or caps letters. Not only for me, But for everyone, But we just cannot run from this problem because Gmail is used for everything these days from your job resume to google accounts. It is literally everywhere. So here is the trick now listen carefully. You don’t need to mention all those little dots in the email id and also the capital letters also doesn’t matter at all.

Yes, This is what you’ve been struggling with all these years. If you need to note down a Gmail id just which consist of a dot after every letter then just ignore all the dots and write the mail id, It will work Gmail talked about it way back but not many know about this till now. And the same thing goes for yahoo mail too, Darn who is using yahoo these days but just for the informative purpose it is my pleasure to inform you guys.

Let me explain you with some examples. So that you will understand it fully.
[email protected] = [email protected]
[email protected] = [email protected]
[email protected] = [email protected]

Now watch the above mail id’s and you might have got the idea how you were pronouncing the emails. You can ignore all the dots and caps and also start with the first letter as caps and last name as caps the first letter still it doesn’t matter. Funny right? Well, I hope you liked the article and bookmark our website for more interesting.

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