These Are The Top 7 Best Websites Every Programmer Should VisitThese Are The Top 7 Best Websites Every Programmer Should Visit

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When it comes to learning to program there are man ways to learn it. We have provided other programming articles like top ten youtube channels and top programming languages, but you can also learn to program from these websites below with updated programming content. Here is the list of top 7 programming websites.


This website is very helpful to people who want to learn to program with various aspects. This website also hosts three featured contests every month where the winners will get prizes and goodies every month. From all around the world many major institutions and organizations are allowed to hosts their contests. So if you’re a beginner then this website is a perfect place for you to learn programming with encouragement as they giveaway prizes of contests.


This website is globally famous for questioning and answering the purpose of programming. You can post your questions and also answer others questions. With that being said you can learn many new things and interact with other people of similar interest. This website has many features like it supports more than 45 programming languages and compilers apart from that hundreds of contests conducted. This is probably one of the best website to visit as a programmer or a newbie.


This website provides a lot of exercises based on programming like chronological, reverse, permuted etc. You can improve your programming language here without any effort because all the programs are pre-written in this website as solutions. Hence you can just pick your exercise and follow the programs and practice by yourself. Also, this website contains information about interview questions related to programming. Before going to any software job interview take a look and prepare yourself with some basics.

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This website contains challenging mathematical/computer programming problems with solutions that will help you improve yourself in improving your programming skills from the perspective of mathematical algorithms. In this website, there are thousands of questions available in an archive about mathematical programming problems. Visiting this website once a day would be a good idea to improve your knowledge.


This website is entirely based on contests where thousands of people from the newbie’s to pro’s join together and participate in contests about programming. The user with more ratings will appear in the top 10 list. Apart from that, this website has groups where everyone discusses various topics and problems. This is a must visit website for any programmer.


This website is a perfect platform for you if you’re confused about too many questions about different languages. While learning how to program there is one thing for sure i.e, questions about “how” “what” and things like that so now you don’t need to search for hours about all those questions on the internet. Just visit this website and you’ll get all the answers. This website supports a total of 9 languages C, C++, Java, Python, C#, JavaScript, Ruby, Bash, MySQL.


This website is amazing, you can learn 13 different languages and also apply for a job by competing in competitions provided by job companies. There are many questions and answers groups available also you can Practice Problems of various languages. This website requires Gmail or Facebook ID to sign up and its totally free.

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