CBD has been the rave for a while now and you would have to be living under a rock to not have heard about it. There are a lot of health benefits that have been attributed to CBD, from better sleep to anxiety relief, and even calming inflammation. The buzz about CBD products is so much that some even claim it can save someone from cancer.

So, why are there so many obsessions about CBD? For one, it has made its way into so many products, both edible and none-edible. This alone has helped bolster its appeal. As of today, CBD Oil is easily among the most popular of cannabidiol products. However, despite this product being so appealing and popular, there are a lot of things that consumers do not know about it.

Therefore, below are 5 important things that anyone that wants to start using this product should be aware of.

1. CBD Cannot Make You Get High

Some people are drawn to this product because they feel it has some cool factors of marijuana while being a lot more available than it. One of the cool-factor most people will feel it has is that it can make them feel high. This is however not the case.

CBD is short for cannabidiol and it is found in cannabis. However, other 112 cannabinoid compounds can be found in cannabis. And while some of these compounds like THC can make a person feel high, Cannabidiol cannot. But, Cannabidiol can become psychoactive (be capable of making someone high), if it is infused with a product that has THC in it. Read this article to see the difference between CBD and THC.

2. CBD has Three Main Types

Some of the words you may see being used concerning Cannabidiol may include broad-spectrum, isolate, and full-spectrum. These are the major types of Cannabidiol and because the business is still new, these concepts are still in the evolving stage.

However, the kind of cannabidiol you decide to choose may make all the difference. Therefore, below is a brief description of these categories.

1. Isolate

Just as “isolate” is used in chemistry, CBD isolate happens to be its purest form. The product will have no proteins, terpenes, or fatty acids. However, some companies may intentionally dilute their isolate products; so, you have to verify the listed content on the product’s label.

2. Full-Spectrum

Full-spectrum has other cannabinoids like cannabis terpenes (this is why cannabis and hemps smell the way they do), proteins, and fatty acids. These other cannabinoids are said to help the body absorb more benefits of Cannabidiol while producing more positive effects. Claims are that the medical effects of any full-spectrum product are not the same as that of its isolate equivalent.

However, there is no widely accepted definition for full-spectrum. While some sellers think that the plant has to remain intact for the product to qualify as full-spectrum, others think adding some specific ingredients like MCT oil to pure CBD will make the product full-spectrum. So, any consumer has to properly do their homework on any full-spectrum product before they get it.

3. Broad-Spectrum

Broad-spectrum is seen as a mix of both full-spectrum and isolate. But like full-spectrum, no definition of broad-spectrum is wildly agreed on. But speaking from a wide perspective, the THC is completely removed in broad-spectrum products.

4. Most Popular Way of Using CBD Oil Is With a Tincture

A lot of people prefer using a tincture for their CBD oil dosage. Some persons put it below the tongue; other people rather drop the oil on their food items like toast or even into their coffee. This allows users to have control over their dosage and also avoid smoking. Check on Cheef website for premium CBD oil tincture offers.

5. The Use of a Tincture May Have Some Side Effects

Some side effects have been reported to be associated with the use of tinctures. Some of these side effects include drowsiness, dry mouth, and lightheadedness. You also need to check the product thoroughly to ensure that the items in it are not harmful.

6. There May be THC in Cannabidiol Oil

As already stated, some CBD products may have other cannabinoids in them. However, THC is not supposed to be too much in the product. The accepted percentage for THC in any cannabidiol product under the United State law is supposed to be below 0.3. You can visit here https://www.marieclaire.com/politics/a27033880/where-is-cbd-legal-in-the-united-states/ to find out if CBD is legal in the state where you live. However, most sellers exceed this limit by far and also do not disclose this on the product’s label.

And because the THC percentage is far beyond what is recommended, some cannabidiol products can intoxicate and even impair their users. And the regulatory bodies are having a hard time keeping up with the busy market; so, most of these defaulters easily escape the law. Therefore, you may not be able to tell if the product you are buying has the same THC level which the seller claims it does. And so, this high level of THC in most cannabidiol products can cause you to fail your drug test.


Cannabidiol products are the current talk of the town. So many claims have been made about the health benefits of cannabidiol; some of these claims are even very farfetched. However, due to the talks about it, CBD is now very popular and everybody wants a taste of them. But there are some things that you need to know about this substance before you start using it. This article discusses some of these very important factors.