When you experience CYBERBLADE, you can feel that the texture is really excellent, and the packaging is also very distinctive.However, as a headset, the most important thing is the use experience. First of all, the appearance part is made of aluminum alloy, and the appearance is anodized. The top cover uses metal knurling to enhance the look and feel.

The Darth Vader version has a transparent acrylic base with custom red lighting effects and RGB for full combat power. The design of the headset body is inspired by the focus in “Horizon: Zero Dawn”. The shape of the triangle can be quite different from other TWS headsets on the market.

Speaking of experience, this one really meets all your needs for headphones. CYBERBLADE is called a Bluetooth headset and it is a desktop TWS wireless headset. In order to break the pain point that traditional TWS headsets cannot have both high sound quality and low latency, Nu Miao has added the third new frequency computing chip of the headset to the headset for the first time.

Use the bottom seat and the CP link to open the wired ASE mode, you can jointly enjoy high sound quality and 36 millisecond ultra-low latency performance, and play chicken can achieve audio and video synchronization like high-end wired headphones.

The wearing experience will be more comfortable than wired headphones. The headphones are very light and wirelessly connected, so you will not worry about squeezing your hairstyle like wired headphones, and you can also get a lossless sound quality experience with the blessing of the third audio computing chip.

CYBERBLADE has 3 kinds of scene enhancers, which can be understood as 3 kinds of scene sound effects. Currently, there are games, music, and movies. For example, when listening to music, you can long press the upper cover to set the music enhancement scene, and listen to the ferry to test the sound quality. You can hear the sound of the headphones.

The quality is relatively balanced, the low-frequency atmosphere is abundant, the vocals are clear, and the drums are elastic and powerful. The movie-enhanced scene has a strong sense of physique and high resolution, and can capture the details of the sound.

CYBERBLADE is a product that is comparable to Apple’s AirPods Pro. The sound quality level belongs to high-end earphones. What’s more, it can obtain ultra-low latency through the ASE method. It is no exaggeration to say that the delay is even lower than that of some wired earphones. It is among the same type of products on the market. It can only be described as high level.

In general, CYBERBLADE is a Bluetooth headset, and it is also a desktop TWS headset. It is designed for players who like to play games but do not want to wear headphones. The Black Warrior version is officially released on Tuesday.