This Is How You Can Capture 3D Pictures In Android

This Is How You Can Capture 3D Pictures In Android. If you are one of those who just Loves clicking pictures, selfies then you are absolutely reading the right article. Today we are going to show that How to Capture 3D pictures on any Android device, yes you heard it right.

The Tutorial is very easy, as easy as installing an app, anyone who has a basic Android Knowledge can do this tutorial easily. Basically to capture 3D image we are going to use an app, Don’t worry I will provide you the Step by Step procedure on How to use that App. Do tell us you queries in the comment Box.

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Advantages Of Using This App:-

1. You can create amazing pictures with 3D effects
2. No special hardware required
3. Various number of filters to customize
4. You Can also Create Mp4 files
5. You can Also create GIF images

Things You Need??

1. Android Device
2. Phogy App(Download)

Step 1: Download, install and Open the App

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Step 2: Now Tap On “Take Phogy

Step 3: Now The app will Display Some Instructions, you can read it if you want.

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Step 4: Now Aim your object that you want to capture and Tap on the camera button and after that Move the camera around the object(towards Right Side).

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Step 5: After that, the app will process the 3D image and will Give you the Output.

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