This Technology Is 100 Times Faster Than WiFi And Is Already Being Tested In OfficesThis Technology Is 100 Times Faster Than WiFi And Is Already Being Tested In Offices

We have been using Wi-Fi for the last couple of years. But you will get shocked when you read about this new Li-Fi technology. This is the best-improved version of the Wi-Fi also this technology works with the help of light hence it is named as Li-Fi. Li-Fi was invented a couple of years ago back in 2011 and a few months ago this technology has been tested by researchers in the science lab and has worked very good.

There is no doubt that this technology will be the future of the wireless internet communication. And not only that this technology works amazingly 100 times faster than Wi-Fi. After the success of this technology in the laboratories by the researchers, The results were very surprising and hence now this technology is being tested in the Hospitals, Schools and in Offices and Industrial Spaces also.

After the tests were done the researchers stated that this technology has provided unthinkable speed by resulting the speed of 224 gigabits per second, Which is more than enough for any user to quickly download large files in the minimum amount of time.

A person named Harold Haas invented this Li-Fi technology in the year 2011 at the Edinburgh University. The concept of this technology is that this technology works by utilizing the light which is in the range between 400 THz to 800 THz to transfer the message signals through binary code.

Also with the use of this technology huge amount of data can be transmitted. After experimenting it practically, Harold proved that just by using a single LED the light emitted can transmit more amount of data than an entire cellular network tower. He proved about the efficiency by giving the examples.

After explaining the experiment with practical example’s, Harold stated that the speed of this technology will never let you wait to download any size of file irrelevant of size, Now you can download 18 movies at a time in just 1.5 sec which will keep you busy for the rest of the day watching movies one by one through the whole day.

After all the above experiments and results stated Infront of the world, There is no doubt that this Li-Fi technology is replacing Wi-Fi very soon.

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