Apple CEO Tim Cook Says Apple Might Not Exist Without Migration’Apple CEO Tim Cook Says Apple Might Not Exist Without Migration’

Apple CEO Tim Cook Says ‘Apple Might Not Exist Without Migration’

Recently, Donald Trump, the US President authorized an administrative order. This order is passed to adjourn immigrant entrance and issued some sturdy on settler from seven Muslim states. According to this order, if any tenant of states likes Iran, Iraq, Syria and Sudan. Libya, Yemen, and Somalia are away from the US and the order is produced then, they cannot enter in the US for next 90 days.

Donald Trump said that he want to make America secure from ‘Radical Islamic Terrorists’. The tech CEO’s are supporting their employees for the Migration order passed by President Donald Trump.

Apple CEO Tim Cook got very much frustrated by the President Trump’s administrative order he admits his anger by saying that “Apple will not survive without the migration, they said that they will become lonely and will not able to explore and develop”. Apple sent the order of new U.S. immigration policy to all its employees.

The content in the message to employees which Tim Cook wrote was:

In Washington this week, he has said in the discussion with administrator that Apple has faith in the significance of migration for the future of the company and the country. Apple will not be able to survive without the migration and will become lonely which will not help the company to explore and develop.

He told that they don’t encourage the order which is issued by Trump. He is very much worried about this order which states, to prevent the immigrants from seven Muslim states. He showed concern for the workers who are also worried about this issue.

Many workers are deeply involved and disturbed from the order which was issued yesterday. Apple has promised to support the workers which are influenced by Trump’s decision. The company will do all possible things to support their workers. They are giving resources to employees who have difficulty and worry about immigration order. They have communicated to the White House to discuss the depressing effect of this order to their workers and Company.

He said that he has told multiplicity creates their team powerful. They support and understand each and every worker who is attached to Apple Company. Their team understanding is very strong and an order cannot deteriorate it. Each and every worker in Apple experience appreciated and treasured.

Apple welcomes every person, no matter which language they address. They are not partial to any caste or creed. The workers are full of talent and are a mixture of all the nations.

He further added a saying of Dr. Martin Luther King “We may have all come on different ships, but we are in the same boat now.”

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