Top 10 Best Extensions for Microsoft EdgeTop 10 Best Extensions for Microsoft Edge

When it comes to browsers there are many available in the software market but only a few has proven that it’s worth trying them. Some of the all-time top browsers are Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and opera. With that being said Microsoft has their own Edge browser and recently it has been improved a lot by adding many features along with awesome extensions. With this new improved version a user can expect user-friendly , good functionality and other features.

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Here is the list of top 10 extensions for Microsoft edge browser.

1. LastPass


LastPass is an extension used for storing passwords of your social accounts and other personal accounts. This extension is very useful in terms of privacy purpose. Apart from that, you can access all your passwords anytime, anywhere even on your friend’s computer just by signing in to your account.

2. Translator for Microsoft Edge


This is one of the most used extensions for language translations. once can add this extension to the browser and it can be opened by clicking the icon on the top right corner beside the address bar. You can literally translate the whole page into the language you desire and this can also be helpful for people who doesn’t understand many languages.

3. Mouse Gestures


This extension is very useful if you’re comfortable with gestures. Add this extension to your browser and then you can perform tasks by doing gestures by your mouse. In order to make the settings or set up gestures and actions for the gestures, yuo can head up to settings and settle all the things easily.

4. OneNote/Evernote Web Clipper


If you’re a busy person and always has something to remember about then you can use this extension as a virtual paper on your PC. This extension lets you write things like notes and save it so that when you need the information you can have it back. For people who want to save websites or important notes, this is the best extension. Also, you can find a variety of tools for editing and other things.

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5. Office Online

With this Office Online extension, you can perform all the Microsoft Office suiteĀ  tasks online in the browser itself. You don’t need to install Microsoft Office suite separately on every PC you use. For business and major companies, this extension works as a backup if anything goes wrong with the database.

6. Amazon Assistant

With this extension shopping with Amazon will be easy and you can also manage your orders, track your orders. All you need to do is add this extension to your browser and stay updated with one click. Once you add this extension it will appear on the top right corner of your browser.

7. Reddit Enhancement Suite

Reddit s known as the first page of the internet and you can find almost everything there from news to tricks and images to videos. Now you can add this extension to your browser and enjoy all Reddit services without even visiting the site.

8. Microsoft Personal Shopping Assistant

This extension is amazing in terms of shopping experience. You can search your item through 1000 different sites and grab the best deal. So if you’re a shopping worm then you need this. This extension is all in one shopping center.

9. Save to Pocket

We often get addicted to some websites and want to save them as offline to read the information or for watching the video. This extension will save the whole website and let you browse offline. If you’re a news reader you must try this.

10. Page Analyzer

10There is not any specific use of this extension but the name says it all, you can still use it for better functionality and for improving compatibility with your browser for any website. This extension will enhance your browser’s performance and let you browse pages with ease.

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These extensions will improve your web experience from various perspectives and let you browse websites faster and quicker. You get full accessibility for shopping, saving and smooth browsing with these extensions.

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