Top 5 Best Cloud Computing Jobs With Highest Salaries

With the growth of technology “cloud computing” is the only thing that can stabilize the online market, because from small companies to multi-organizations they need to store data of their clients forever and hence cloud computing will be the only option to save a huge amount of data without losing it. From government to private companies all use cloud computing for storing the data and providing it on demand to their clients.

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Cloud computing has many advantages over other services similar to it. They provide data access from anywhere, and resources like mobility, security, huge data storage, etc. Any individual in cloud computing can earn from $40,000 as a beginner to $190,000 as a pro annually.

Top 5 Cloud Computing Jobs With High Salary.

1. Cloud Architect

A cloud architect is a Person who has complete information about the computing strategies like cloud monitoring, cloud application design, and management. His work is to design cloud application, hybrid cloud and public cloud and cloud management in the Private cloud.

Requirements for Cloud Architect Job

Cloud Architect must be expert in VBScript, Python, B.S. in comp. sci or engineering, High command in Shel, Perl, Windows and Linux os, good knowledge about firewall and basic concept. One can gain knowledge on these topics by opting for an online training like AWS Solutions Architect course.

Average Salary:- $114,000 – $160,000

2. Cloud System Engineer

Cloud system engineer plays multiple roles like help in designing of solutions that are developed for clients, to support clients problems, helping other engineers. Cloud system engineer helps the team to maintain company’s system architecture.

Requirements for Cloud System Engineer

Cloud System Engineer must be expert in Linux/windows system administration, application, database component, scripting language such as Python, Ruby etc. B.S. in Comp. Sci, IT or related technical degree. 3-5 years of engineering experience.

Average Salary:- Up to $121,553

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3. Cloud System Administrator

A cloud system administrator have a lot of responsibilities because he is the admin and he has to maintain the stability of the system. The following things will be under controlled of a cloud system administrator security, availability, backup, access.

Requirements for Cloud System Administrator

Cloud System Administrator must be expert in high-performance storage system, a good experience with high performing computing system, atleast 3 years experience in operating system administration, B.S. in computer science or computer engineering

Average Salary:- up to $85,222

4. Cloud Software Engineer

A cloud software engineer will be responsible for designing, developing and testing the quality of software in the cloud. He has the permissions to analyze and troubleshoot issues, database access etc. The main work is to design and develop distributive software modules

Requirements for Cloud Software Engineer

A Cloud Software Engineer must be expert in knowledge of scripting languages, an expert in Agile, great knowledge of SQL, software engineering practices, and matrices, Bachelor’s degree in computer science or any equivalent degree, Bachelor’s degree in computer science.

Average Salary:- $95,000

5. Cloud Network engineer

A cloud network engineer will be responsible for facilitating intra-company communication, he/she may be provided some tasks to enable and manage company’s cloud solutions. He/ She has to create and improve the procedures for stabilization of services.

Requirements for Cloud Network engineer

A cloud network engineer must be expert in deploying application server software, a good working experience in scripting languages such as PHP, Python, Perl etc. BS in computer science, LAN/WAN network technologies.

Average Salary:- $43,329 – $102,809

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These are the top 5 spots in cloud computing job sector. The responsibilities are given depending upon the post and salaries can be higher depending upon the experience.

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