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With the growth of technology, There is literally nothing impossible in today’s world. We are getting advanced technology gadgets to incredible health treatments with the help of technology. It has changed the world in every aspect of life. From motorcycles to cars, Cellphones To computers etc. Today I am going to share few incredible inventions, which has made a great impact on our life’s.

When it comes to technology, you might be thinking, I am going to talk about smartphones, Gadgets, right? Well, there are much more things, which are unbelievably helpful to the human race. And those are changing the revolution of human lifestyle for sure. In an earlier age, There was no proper medical treatment, And no machines to perform any surgery, But these days even your doctor’s consult time will be decided by a computer. So let me tell you, what are those inventions, Which has changed the world completely.

1. Creating a momentum in a paralysed limb.

Paralysis was not a deadly disease, But it was no less than death. There were many scientists, who were trying to find a cure with meds. Then a 24 years old guy was told that he would never gain back the momentum of his hands ever. “Neutral bypass” was developed and broadcasted by researchers to provide the cure for people with paralysis, it has completely changed the revolution of medical science technology

2. SignAloud Gloves

People who can’t speak use to use the sign language, Even now mostly that’s how it works. But 2 undergraduate students From the University of Washington has designed a pair of gloves that takes hand movements, sign language, and convert into the spoken language with the help of a computer.

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3. Now you can inspect gluten in your meal.

There are thousands of people out there, who are the victims of gluten allergies and celiac disease, But technology has gifted a device to all of them, Which will change their lives forever. An electronic device is developed, which can be used for detecting the presence of gluten, just in a matter of minutes. So they can get the idea about the presence of gluten in their respective diets.

4. Stop lights on the roadsides

People are often busy on their cell phone’s while walking across streets, they forget the stops and surroundings, Which causes accidents. So a guy name Stadtwerke Augsburg decided to stop this by fitting traffic lights crosswalks of two rail stops. Which can be seen by all the people, who are using cell phones and crossing streets? So when they see the lights they stop, And then proceed when the lights are off.

5. Artificial Intelligence launched by Facebook

When it comes to technology Facebook is not behind. Well, they are expanding the services in all interest of areas. Recently Facebook has launched Artificial Intelligence Which helps blind people to understand photos.

The Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg Siad on a facebook post “We just launched a tool that uses artificial intelligence to help people who are blind experience photos on Facebook.”

Then he explained “When blind or visually impaired people use the internet, they use something called a screen reader that turns text into spoken words. But until now, screen readers haven’t been able to describe what’s in a photo.”

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