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VPNs are an indispensable tool for digital privacy. Sadly not many free VPN services are trustworthy, secure and reliable. We understand, however, that some people want access to a free VPN for security. That is why we have searched far and wide for the 5 best free VPN services of 2016!

A virtual private network also known as VPN is a private network that extends across a public network or internet. VPN services allow genuine anonymous Internet browsing and hence everyone is after VPN. We are living in an era where everything is online and everyone wants to be anonymous.

Staying anonymous is the best thing while hacking or practising hacking tricks or stuff like that. You can also view websites that are blocked in your country by internet policies by using a VPN. Here are few amazing VPN providers which are available for you to go anonymous with no worries.

1. Private Internet Access

There are many VPN providers that charge some amount of money and give you services that can be trusted. Private Internet Access (PIA) is currently one of the best VPN providers you can have and they charge very less amount of money. In the history of this Private Internet Access services they have won many awards and it is used by many major organizations.

PIA has publicly stated “We do not store logs relating to traffic, session, DNS or metadata,” as well as operating “our own DNS servers on our high throughput network.” PIA offer very high level of privacy and anonymity to the users, as well as the option to choose 128 or 256-bit encryption.

2. ExpressVPN

Many of you might have heard this VPN name because even hackers prefer this VPN for penetrating tests and hacking web-servers. This VPN allows you to go anonymous even when you are getting into major companies web servers which is the most difficult part of the hack and this VPN service provides a 30-day money back guarantee also ExpressVPN account comes with zero logging of all your activities, and a 256-bit encryption with a range of VPN protocols that suit your connection.

ExpressVPN offers services at $12.95 for a single month and at $8.32/$99.84 you get the subscription for 12 months.

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3. TorGuard

TorGuard is a very popular VPN service that has expanded in the last few years. The main service of this VPN is “No logs or time stamps are kept whatsoever. [They] do not store any traffic logs or user session data” on its network. Basically, TorGuard uses a shared IP configuration and this will ensure your privacy because this service makes it impossible to match a single user IP address with a single time stamp.

TorGuard offers services at $9.99 for a single month and at $4.99/$59.99 you get the subscription for 12 months.

4. Mullvad

This VPN service has made its name by providing the best anonymity, and reliability services across the globe. This service does not keep any logs because that would make both the service and users vulnerable. This VPN service supports a range of protocols that includes OpenVPN, VPN kill switch, strong encryption credentials. But this VPN has a limited range of servers that are located in Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Canada, and the US hence other users may experience limited speed.

Mullvad offers services around $5.66 per month.


IVPN services are considered as one of the most passionate services for providing privacy and incredible anonymity when you’re browsing the internet. The main feature of this service gives you full confidence to browse the internet as its services clean the records of your activity instantly. This is one of the best VPN service providers without any doubt.

IVPN offers services at $15 for a single month and at $8.33/$100 you get the subscription for 12 months.

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