Top 5 Myths About Smartphones You Must KnowTop 5 Myths About Smartphones You Must Know

There is technology to prove, what is real and what is fake. And then there are those old “myths”, Which are nothing, but just brainwashing stories to make you believe things, which are not real. Most of the people still believe some idiotic things about smartphones, which should be cleared. Because we all use smartphones now, and we should know the reality and believe in facts, not in some so called sayings.

Here are few things, which will make you think again about the technology used in smartphones and the real facts.

1. Myths about camera’s and history about it.

In reality, The quality of the camera depends on few factors like type of Lenses, Focal length, sensors and image stabilization. But people think totally different. They decide the quality of any camera depending upon, how many megapixels of it is, and which brand it belongs to. You might remember this one, Nokia launched a device with 40 megapixels of the camera, There was a lot of hype and all that stuff. and what was the outcome? It was not even better than the camera when compared to an iPhone, which had 8 megapixels of a camera. So stop judging camera quality on the number of megapixels it comes with.

2. You should charge your phone only with the specified charger

You may have heard about this many times, that if you use any other charger to your phone, then your phone’s battery will be damaged. And also the warranty voids. Let me tell you a fact about these manufacturer companies. They don’t make money by selling devices like smartphones, tablets, phablets etc. They earn much more money by selling accessories like chargers and headsets etc. You can use other chargers too. But go for a standard one, rather than choosing a cheap china product.

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3. Protecting your screen by those sticky screen guard

You have come across many people, who told you that you should always protect your phone with a screen guard or stuff like that. Grow up, Technology is developed at a height, where you are getting displays resistible of water and scratch. New featured displays like Gorilla Glass or some others give your display full protection from scratches now. So peel off that sticky screen guard and use your phone.

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4. Install apps to save your battery juice

How come these apps can save your phone’s battery, when they themselves consume some amount of battery. Many people install these third party apps like battery saver etc, thinking these apps will save them the battery. But instead of saving battery, these apps will consume some and disable some features to save your battery. which will lead to improper functioning of apps which are useful for functioning of your phone in many ways.

5. The performance of any smartphone is judged on the specifications

We all are fooled by the manufacturers. This is how? Now you might have heard about the latest processor. And purchased a phone which runs the latest processor. Is it fast? No? Well, let me tell you why. A phone with higher specifications cannot be simply the better one. There are few things, which make the performance of the phone better.

The thing is we may use an octa-core processor, which is the best as for now. But the apps which we run should utilize it fully, unfortunately, there are many apps in the playstore, which don’t utilize the processor fully. Because they are designed in such way. So the next time you decide the performance of the phone. Look around the and see the reputation of the company too. Like there are many new companies, who are performing much better than the old ones. So even this is one of the things, which should be considered when judging the phones performance

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