Top 6 Programming Languages for Game DesignTop 6 Programming Languages for Game Design

When it comes to programming and coding there are many programming languages out there. Also, each has its own speciality and function. But these days programmers are earning more than any other individual in the technology field out there. But the thing is that programming is not everyone’s cup of tea. Not all can do programming and many start it with full enthusiasm but eventually stop it thinking it is not meant for them.

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In this article, you can know all the things about programming languages like where to start? which language first? for what carrier? and much more. The main aim of this article is to bring awareness that if you’re in programming field or wanted to be in programming then you can start it right now by just following these simple things.

These days games are running the world with that being said a survey was conducted in the Q4 of 2015 and the results were shocking because the results stunned the world by stating that a gaming designer and a gaming programmer earn thrice more than any other software field individual including cloud computing engineers.

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So if you want to learn about programming languages for gaming then there is a bad news for you if you are searching languages on the internet because literally there are thousands of programming languages out there. For a new game developer, starting should be a smart choice in case of selecting a basic language to start with.

To be a good programmer you should concentrate on two things and those are ‘systems’ programming and ‘web’ programming and then follow up with other languages below.

1. Systems Programming

Systems Programming is not something that will take years to learn matter of fact it is easy and a basic one. For example, if you’re programming for a single device like a video game. There are two languages that every game developer or a designer should be good at and they are

i. C++
ii. Java.

Also, you might have heard about scripting right? well, that comes under system programming.

2. Web Programming

Web Programming is not used often but yet they are very essential. For example in order to sync your gaming data or log-in process these things play a major role.

They are:
i. HTML5
ii. CSS3
iii. JavaScript
iv. SQL

These 6 programming languages are essential to develop any game and when asked to senior programmers majority of them suggested these languages. You can get the tutorial youtube channels for these programming languages below here.

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