Top 8 iOS Applications You Should Uninstall Right NowTop 8 iOS Applications You Should Uninstall Right Now

8 iOS Applications You Should Uninstall Right Now

When it comes to Apps and Games, We all have a massive collection with different categories. But sometimes too much of somethings is bad for everything. So this article is for Apple’s iPhone users, Who are using a couple of Apps, which should be uninstalled right now for several reasons. Most of the users have 16 GB variant devices, so this is very important and helpful to them.

Often times your phone gets laggy or heated up, right? Have you ever wondered why? Well, the thing is simple, keeping unnecessary apps or games of huge size is the first thing, which makes your device laggy and goes out of storage too. So all you need to do is uninstall few Apps, which are listed below and also those apps, which you think are of no use and just stuck in your phone from months. By doing this your device will be more user-friendly and storage will also be in proper usage.

1. Google Earth

Google earth is not a useless app, But every iPhone user has pre-installed app “maps” in the phone, So installing another app, which consumes more storage is not a good idea. This will have its own impact on making your iPhone laggy.

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2. Rhapsody

With iPhone, there are many ways to listen to music by trying different apps, Yet most of the people use “Rhapsody”. Well, here is a quick news for you. According to reports, iTunes has already taken over Rhapsody.

3. BBM

BBM was definitely one of the best messengers, But the reality is, there are many other messengers, which have taken the texting experience to the next level. So uninstalling “BBM” would be a nice thing.

4. Draw Something

The thing with this game is, It was a good one, matter of fact it was featured on the top of the list of Apps. But with time everything fades away, And so does this app. There is no fun after you played it hundreds of times. And this is the perfect example for games, which are consuming your storage, And your device getting laggy due to it.

5. Facebook Camera

Admit it, You’re using Facebook Camera because it has Facebook in it. Maybe a couple of filters. But with the growth of technology. There are thousands of apps out there, which are way better than this for filters. So stop saying it is for filters and use your phone’s camera.

6. Office apps

“Office apps” are simply not for phones. They have complicated options and features, which cannot be simply performed in a phone. These types of apps will be better for laptops and computers. Also, they consume a massive amount of storage in the phone. So uninstalling it right now is good for the phone.

7. Foursquare

I personally liked this app, But like mentioned earlier. Things have advanced soo fast, we don’t need separate apps just for check-ins. Facebook is the best replacement for this app with many additional features.

8. Poke

This app is not much impressive in terms of its functioning, And also with the features. There is no need to keep this app on your phone in 2016. In the beginning, when this app was launched, I admit there was a lot of hype. But also everything calmed down in just matter of weeks of time.

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