Top Ten Free Software To Boost Your PC PerformanceTop Ten Free Software To Boost Your PC Performance

When it comes to computers there is always one thing that annoys almost every user and that is system performance. There are many ways to speed up your PC, also many things that can slow down your PC. Keeping your computer clean is the best way to deal with slow down or laggy problems.

Top Ten Free Software To Boost Your PC Performance

Here is the list of top 10 free software that will help you to increase your PC performance and boost your PC.

1. CCleaner

CCleaner is one of the best PC optimization tools that can be used to increase your PC performance. Basically, this software will free up space from all of your device that will lead to increase system performance and that is done by removing unused files or temporary files. Apart from that, it will also clean traces of your online activity like the history of your web browser.

Download CCleaner here.

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2. Glary Utilities


Glary Utilities has mostly used for it multi-tasking performance because it performs multiple tasks with ease like it will speed up your PC, protect and it has utilities to fix your PC. For users who browse a lot of internets should give this app a try. This software has special features like optimize,tweak, repair, also improve the performance of your system.

Download Glary here.

3. Evonsoft Computer Repair


This software is very user-friendly and also has got a very simple user-interface. With this software, the user can perform multiple actions like with one click this software will scan your computer and then repair also provide a list of errors that can be deleted individually or totally by the user. You have full accessibility to use this software with various features.

Download Evonsoft Computer Repair here.

4. WinPatrol


This software is the best for users who deal with malicious programs every day. After you install this software you can monitor the presence of the malicious programs on your computer. Not only that but you can also monitor the programs that are started on the start up of your computer so that even if any malicious program is set as predefined program the user will get to know about it.

Download WinPatrol here.

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5. Revo Uninstaller


Revo Uninstaller is an advanced version of software that helps you uninstall programs from your PC. This is a freeware software and it will scan the application before and after you uninstall the application. You can remove the unnecessary files that are left after you remove the application. Also, you can clean up the folder, registry keys and temporary files of that application. By doing this your OS drive will free-up and can perform tasks with ease.

Download Revo Uninstaller here.

6. Autoruns


Autoruns is a free-ware and this software is completely different from all the others in the list. The user can know the auto-starting locations of all programs available on your PC. This software has got some advanced features that let the user see what programs are configured that can be run during system boot up or login and also the order of those. This software can also be used to see browser helper objects, auto-start services, toolbars, Winlogon notifications, and much more.

Download Autoruns here.

7. Regseeker


The problem with windows operating system is it keeps files a lot of files. the longer you keep files the more your PC gets laggy. So in order to delete those files, this software can be used and the main feature of this software is to detect the registry files of all the software that are installed along with those that are uninstalled. Removing all these registry files can save up a lot of memory and also increase your system performance.

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Download Regseeker here.

8. Wise Registry Cleaner


This application is a must have for all those users who care about the safety of their applications even if any malware has taken control over them. This software provides full safety with additional features that help the user to secure the applications that are useful and somehow got taken over by malware program. This program provides “safe to fix” and “not fully safe to fix” options for the applications that are affected by malware.

Download Wise Registry Cleaner here.

9. Fresh UI


This software is one of the oldest yet still useful and well established that allows you to optimise and configure your version of Windows. It is very small in size and has many good options embedded in it to do various tasks that will give you access to several system settings. It is a user-friendly app and also comes with simple user interface.

Download Fresh UI here.

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10. Auslogics Disk Defrag


Auslogics Disk Defrag is a freeware and it is very faster than other similar software. It performs tasks very quickly compares to other disk defragmentation software. If you want to analyse your disks then it is the best option available out there.

Download Auslogics Disk Defrag here.

You have known these Top Ten Free Software To Boost Your PC Performance, you can use more related software that can also used for increase your PC performance, make sure you are not using any malware contained software!

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