Tor Phone The Super-Secure Version Of Android OS - Developed By Tor ProjectTor Phone The Super-Secure Version Of Android OS - Developed By Tor Project

Tor is open software for permitting secret contacts. By using this software users cannot be traced easily while “visiting Web sites, online posts, instant messages, and other communication forms”. Its purpose is to guard the secrecy of the customer and avoid getting noticed while surfing.

Appleā€™s iOS is better than an android OS because Apple is safe in terms of privacy. Tor project is trying to improve the privacy of the android OS. Tor has launched a prototype for Tor-enabled Android phone. This will be known as Tor phones. Mike Perry is a Tor developer; he has projected a new phone root of Copperhead OS.

Copperhead is an operating system which is used in phones, laptops, tablet and computers. Copperhead OS is spreading methods for safety improvements. It is only supported by Google Nexus queue. In past, Copperhead OS declared the upcoming edition which was based on Android Nougat.

Tor phones also employ OrWall which is an app (it is a firewall for android which removes the entire traffic network and jam other links over the Tor. OrWall is alike Tails Linux Live CD used for PC OS). Tor also used Orbot for overcrowding other links. In the official site of Tor project Mike Perry has send a blog which has a complete description on setting up the prototype.

The users of Linux can only install this prototype because at present, this prototype is only supported by Nexus and Pixel. He also added that there are devices which are incomplete and are in progress. They are trying to enhance more features in this project.

If you are operating through virtual private network (VPN) on your android phone then it is not secure for your system. It may disclose your data and cause problem in Orboot. If you place OrWall on the height of Orbot and remove the entire traffic network through Tor then the traffic will not be spoted by snooping eyes.

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