New consumer-grade SSD and microSD products will be hitting the market soon courtesy of Koixia (formerly Toshiba Storage). The consumer-grade products include microSD card, SD card, USB storage and SSDs. The new products will be launched by CAE and its packaging design is a colourful mixture. Each product has its own unique colour and consumers can identify the products based on their colour. The colours include orange, light blue, light green, magenta, light grey and yellow. 

KIOXIA Corporation (formerly Toshiba Memory) and its group companies officially changed the company’s name on October 1st, 2019. The brand is now launching a new look and feels to its consumer products. The new products with new branding are set to launch in April 2020. The new products include the KIOXIA branded consumer products (MicroSD’s, SDs, USB Memory and SSD’s). 

Earlier in February, KIOXIA launched two SSDs faster than the average NVMe SSDs. The SSDs were the CD6 and CM6 and they could utilize the PCIe 4.0 bus to reach 1 million IOPS and above. Unlike other existing enterprise flash drives, the CM6 is dual-ported and faster. 

KIOXIA will launch the consumer product line-up in April 2020. However, the new product range will be made available to the company’s distributors by Q2 2020. Hopefully, by the end of Q2, KIOXIA’s mission of changing the world by memory would be realized with its new products. 

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By Rebecca