Trick That Can Prevent Your Passwords of Social Media Profile From Getting StolenTrick That Can Prevent Your Passwords of Social Media Profile From Getting Stolen

Now a day’s our social media and e-mail accounts password are getting hacked by professional hackers very easily. If a person wants to hack a Facebook password then he can simple search the process in Google. And he will get the detailed process of hacking a Facebook password. Hackers enjoy cracking passwords.

But the hackers are able to hack your passwords because the passwords are vulnerable. They usually follow certain methods like social engineering techniques, shoulder surfing, and simply guessing passwords by knowing personal details of the victim.

The passwords which are of one word can be easily hacked. People also keep the word “password” as their password. The words like superman, baby girl etc are often used by every account holder. If the passwords will be strong they will not be able to crack it.

So you should avoid keeping your personal details as passwords like the name of your pet, your birth date, house number etc. You don’t have to fear from the hacker’s just make your password unique and extraordinary and follow these simple and awesome steps.

1) Ensure that the strength of your password is strong enough. You can use a group of numbers and alphabets to keep your password strong and safe. But always chose the passwords which you can remember otherwise you will confuse yourself.

2) Chose a unique or rare password instead of choosing the password which is mostly used by everyone. You can join two words like fumingfurious (Fuming” and “Furious). Similarly, you can also combine alphabets and numbers like 26lettersplus10digits.

3) A clever and creative password cannot be hacked by hackers. Use a word which doesn’t have any meaning. You can use the slogans and idioms which you like. For example “my life, my way and my choice”. So pick the first letter from each word like mlmwmc. This word doesn’t have any meaning hence it is difficult for hackers to recognise it.

4)INCORRECT” is an illogical password but can save your account from being hacked. This can also help you in remembering your password. Because when you will type an incorrect password then a message appears “Your password is Incorrect”.

5) You can join two language and make a secure password. Let’s take an example of Hindi and English. Dosti is a Hindi word and Friendship is an English word so join them and make Dostifriendship.

6) You can keep your phone number as password but not in a numeric order in an alphabetical order. For example 9776021026 you can write this as ninesevensevensixzerotwoonezerotwosix.

7) Keep your favourite movie name and favourite character name as password. Like if you like “Hum apke hain kaun” and favourite character is “James Bond 007”. Then it will become Humapkehainkaun007.

8) Use a difficult name of a country which is also difficult to pronounce. Let’s take an example of Reykjavik or Worcestershire.

9) A sex activist can use the name of favourite sex toys and position. You can join the two words like Vibrator69.

10) By putting numbers and symbols in place of alphabets for a safe password. Like s becomes 5, 6 decomed d, i becomes!, a becomes @ etc.

11) Easiest way of improving the strength is to enlarging it. Axis#47B changes to Axis#47B?????? Or Axis#47B!!!!!!!!

12) You can also use alphanumeric password. Alphanumeric password is one which consists of both numbers as well as alphabets. Michael as M1ch@3L, ‘Someone to bang’ as ‘Some12!’ and ‘forever’ as 4ever.

I’m sure that by following these steps your password can never be cracked by any hackers. And hence your account will always be safe and secure.

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