Hello  everyone today I am going to show you a simple trick to download Instagram images. Now-a-days from celeb’s to normal people are engaging themselves in this mobile photo-sharing app known as Instagram. This app was launched on October 6, 2010, Since then this app has gained soo much popularity and millions of people are using it for photo sharing purpose.

Trick To Download All Instagram Images On Your Smartphone

But the thing is you cannot download the photos from this application to our mobile device or to your PC directly. And due to this most of the people are not able to save pictures which they like on the app. Hence I decided to share a simple trick to download the images from Instagram to your android device directly. With this trick, you can download the infinite number of images and videos to our phone at a time.

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Let’s start the tutorial, Now follow my steps:

STEP 1: For downloading images from Instagram app to your phone directly you need Instagram updated app.

STEP 2: Now here’s the trick you just need to download this app called as instasave

STEP 3: After downloading the app open the app and minimize it. then go to your Instagram app.

STEP 4: On the right side you can see 3 dots option, Press it and select this option share URL

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STEP 4: Now go to instasave app and there you will get the image just press download image.

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you can download the videos too with the same procedure, Also you can download multiple images and videos by clicking share URL option one by one of each photo then open the instasave app and click download button of each image to save it.

Hope you all enjoyed it.share this trick with everyone….