There’s hardly more than a 5% share of 5nm based chipset in the market, and the TSMC has already started working on the 4nm process. At the company’s shareholders meeting, Chairman – Mark Liu confirmed the presence of the 4nm process and even detailed some aspects. He said the new N4 is the evolved version of the N5 process.

tsmc 4nm mass production

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“N4 is an evolution from N5, and We’re already in business negotiations with customers on N4.”

TSMC also unveiled new information about the advanced 5nm Node Plus process which will hit the mass-production in 2022. Later, the 4nm will be put on the radar in 2024.

Moreover, the company is bridging the gaps between its sole competitor  – Samsung in the 7nm market. On the other hand, the South Korean giant is improving its efficiency in the 5nm development process by manufacturing a 5nm Node water fab factory in Pyeongtaek worth $116 billion.

Meanwhile, TSMC’s 5nm node is getting used in mobile computing and other high-efficiency computing products. It is better optimized to handle evolved communications while maintaining the power efficiency and performance accuracy.

Moreover, Mark Liu confirmed that the COOVID-19 pandemic has remained unaffected in the chipset making business.

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