Twitter Accounts Of Congress, Rahul, And Gandhi HackedTwitter Accounts Of Congress, Rahul, And Gandhi Hacked

Recently the official account of the Congress has been hacked and the hacker posted abusive tweets to the congress party with their own account. There was chaos when the followers saw the tweets,most of them reported those tweets as abusive content on twitter whereas some people started sharing them on other social networking sites telling that Congress has been abusive due to their losing against other parties. Then those abusive tweets from congress official account @INCIndia were removed in 30 minutes.

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Apart from that even the website of congress, was found to be hacked. It was all planned and went exactly like the hackers wanted. Gandhi was quoted by news agency ANI, “It’s a huge question mark on the digital security.” As soon as the word spread out, the Delhi police registered a FIR about the hacking of Gandhi’s Twitter account on the basis of a complaint filed on Wednesday. When asked to the police they replied that an investigation has been initiated.

Saket Modi, co-founder, and CEO of Lucideus, in a statement, said

“The social media hack of both the accounts can be a result of any one of the following two possibilities:

It can either be a potential backdoor(malware) being present on a computer system on which both the accounts might have been simultaneously accessed or this can be a long persistent and targeted attack –

spear phishing in most cases on either the email account that was used to create the twitter handle or directly of the twitter account – on the political party.

In either of the case, I am certain there is more data in the hands of the hackers than just account access that might be released in due course of time.”

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In another statement, “The only two parties responsible for the security of a social media account are the social media provider (in this case Twitter) and the owner of the account. As it’s just 2 accounts that have been compromised and misused, it is safe to assume that the exploited vulnerability was not present on the side of Twitter.”

Anish Roy, Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (Cyber Cell) said “A complaint was lodged by Congress leader R.S. Surjewala on behalf of Mr. Gandhi late on Wednesday night. We are in the process registering a FIR.”

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The investigation is still going on and the police have assigned ethical hackers as underground members of the investigation, soon the hackers will be exposed.

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