In Japan A Man's Twitter Account Suspended For Threatening a Mosquito

Twitter Blocked: Twitter is a largest social media platform. Many people use Twitter, and they can tweet their views in the platform. Recently, a report was published which pointed that Twitter is seriously considering online abuse. According to the report, Twitter blocked a user who delivered death warnings upon a mosquito.

Twitter blocked the Japanese boy’s account because he posted a violent tweet. After he was stung by a mosquito, the boy tweeted and called the mosquito ‘Bastard!’. He wrote “Where are you heading after biting me all over while I’m quietly attempting to rest and see TV? Die! Actually, you’re already dead.”

Twitter Blocked User's Account For Death Threatening A Mosquito
Twitter Blocked User’s Account For Death Threatening A Mosquito

According to SoraNews24, after the tweet, he got a notification from Twitter which states that his account is blocked forever he couldn’t operate it anymore. Twitter also wrote that the boy couldn’t reactivate his account in future. In the notification, they wrote that his account was found subject to threat, and Twitter terms and condition doesn’t support tweets including threats.

The user’s account was named as @nemuismywife. He opened a new account @DaydreamMatcha to speak on Twitter’s judgment. He said, “his account was blocked permanently for a silly tweet about killing a mosquito. He asked that is this a destruction statement.”

According to news outlet SoraNews24, this was the message the user received:

“Thank you for using Twitter.

Your account has been frozen because it was used to send messages containing threats.

Tweets containing threats are not allowed under our terms of service.

This account cannot be reactivated. Thank you for your understanding.”

In Japan A Man's Twitter Account Suspended For Threatening a Mosquito
In Japan A Man’s Twitter Account Suspended For Threatening a Mosquito

Twitter has already declared that they cannot tackle cyber bullying and online abuse. They strictly prohibit such tweet and the tweet source accounts. They will take strict action against those abusive accounts. Twitter has enhanced their rules 10 times than before. The previous year, Twitter has introduced an algorithm to catch the offensive action, and maybe the first aim was the Japanese user’s account.

The Artificial Intelligence used in this rule observes and pull out the offensive keywords like Bastard, Die or Dead and immediately block those accounts. It is normal behavior, the humans observe the whole tweet but, AI will follow the data inserted in them. So, if the AI found a single word which they feel offensive, then they can take action on them. AI is still to get more advance in this field. So, next time be careful with aggressive words before posting a tweet.

The Twitter Account Is Deleted Permanently (404 Error)

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