Twitter Is The Only One Said NO To Trump For Creating Separate Muslim RegistryTwitter Is The Only One Said NO To Trump For Creating Separate Muslim Registry

Twitter Is The Only One Said NO To Trump For Creating Separate Muslim Registry

Twitter was the only one who refuses to support US President Donald Trump but the nine tech giants, including Facebook, Apple, and Google were against Twitter. The intercept news website which gets in touch with nine famous companies and asked that if they are ready to sell their facility to invent a national Muslim registry. They also told them that this is a newly plan by President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team but Twitter is not supporting the plan.

The intercept also communicated with the nine alternate companies in the business of expertise and told roughly about the question. The intercept asked the companies, If the Trump administration will request to the companies to advertise for the national Muslim registry then they will help the Trump administration association or not? The answer came after two weeks by three companies. They said they would not like to take part in such plan. Twitter refused for this plan because according to their company policy they cannot contribute this plan on their website.

Explaining about the situation twitter shared a link which interprets “they don’t allow users who utilize the Public APIs and Gnip data products from rules implementing. They don’t allow users with observation idea. The largest multinational companies to the smallest firm are not ready to help US President to create a national Muslim registry. Google, Facebook, Apple, IBM, IT giant SRA International, Management consulting company Booz Allen Hamilton and Canada-based Information technology consulting company CGI also refused to sell their service for this plan made by President-elect Donald Trump.

Microsoft gave a statement “they are not only devoted to encouraging the assortment between all the men and women employed in their company. The workers of the government and the tech companies give importance to this issue because they know how to handle the risky situations.

The Intercept told “the companies who have refused to answer and those who said no for selling their services have no problem with this plan launched by Trump administration but they were helpless with their policy. As Trump hoped very little from the tech companies but the companies don’t agree to make a federal record of Muslims.

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