Two YouTubers Charged Over Video Game Gambling SiteTwo YouTubers Charged Over Video Game Gambling Site

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Two prominent YouTube stars have appeared in court charged with offenses under the UK Gambling Act in what is believed to be the first prosecution that involves betting on video games. (arstechnica)

Two famous YouTubers were arrested under UK gambling law for promoting gambling with a video game currency on YouTube. It is being said that they were the first two to enter the court for betting on video games. Craig ‘Nepenthez’ Douglas a 31 years old YouTuber along with his friend Dylan Rigby who is 33 have been charged at Birmingham magistrates’ court for promoting a lottery and advertising unlawful gambling. From recent reports, Douglas will also face additional charges for inviting other children to gamble.

As soon as the word spread about the gamble. The news from  Gambling Commission stated that “The alleged conduct involved the use of a virtual currency”. On last Friday they both were spotted at Birmingham Magistrates’ Court with the case adjourned until October 14.

Later the information of virtual currency was out in a quote saying, “These include digital commodities (such as ‘skins’) which can be won or purchased within the confines of computer games and can then be used as a form of virtual currency on a growing number of gambling websites.”

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Douglas is known for his YouTube name Nepenthez has over a million active subscribers on his YouTube channel and he recently made videos on a website on which he had betting tickets set for sale. He revealed the website in one of his YouTube video telling “there is a website called”

These betting websites listed a company name known as GameWager International Corp based in San Jose. In those websites, there is one site known as that runs for gambling a popular game known as Counterstrike: Global Offensive.

A spokesperson for the Commission told, “We are paying close attention to the growing popularity of virtual or ‘in-game’ items, which can be traded, sold or used as virtual currencies to gamble.” to close pals Eurogamer. Another statement said, “If GB-based players are being invited to gamble with money or money’s worth then this requires an operating license.”

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