Good News For UC Browser Users - UC Browser May Come Back Next WeekGood News For UC Browser Users - UC Browser May Come Back Next Week
Good News For UC Browser Users - UC Browser May Come Back Next Week
Good News For UC Browser Users – UC Browser May Come Back Next Week

UC Browser: There has been news flying about the removal of UC Browser since 13 November 2017. The Alibaba-owned mobile browser, which has gained huge popularity in India with over 500 million downloads was accused of sending personal data of its Indian user to a server in China.

Moreover, there was indication that the Browser was using misleading and malicious/redirecting ads to increase installs for UC Browser. This isn’t the first time that this has happened either – UC previously pulled the affiliate program after some partners resorted to malicious ads. Based on these allegations, the government was even set to ban the browser if the charge was found to be true.

A Twitter user, named Mike Ross, originally said that he worked for UC Browser and had set off the news of the removal of UC from the Play Store stating that the app was blocked for 30 days for using unhealthy and misleading methods of promoting the app for installations. However, UC Web gave a statement to MobiGyaan saying that he wasn’t an employ.

“The exact reason for UC Browser’s unavailability on Google Play is because of certain setting of UC Browser that was not in line with Google’s Play. The reason for the removal has nothing to do with alleged data security breach or malicious promotion. We would like to state that we have no records of anyone named ‘Mike Ross’ claiming to be working for UC Browse, as mentioned in some reports. The person claiming to be working for UC Browser is in no way associated with the firm nor the represent the views of the company. The allegations of misleading promotions by the said person are completely false and baseless.”

UC Web further clarified that the removal of the app is temporary and that a new version of the same app has been uploaded on the Developer Console of Google Play and that they are awaiting the evaluation. In the mean time, the users can download the app from the company’s website.

However, UC Browser Mini and UC News are still available on the Play Store and are also available on Apple’s App Store.

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