Retro games are making a big comeback to mobile gaming and for all the right reasons. They are simply too fun, and you get that nostalgic feeling playing them unless you’re super young. Trap Dungeons 2 is one such game quickly garnering die-hard fans.

This game is remarkably similar to Super Mario Brothers for Nintendo. Its graphics are intentionally designed to look like 8-bit graphics we had on devices like Atari or those arcade games. Even the music is pretty much similar to arcade games, actual arcade games, not just the genre!


There are two modes to choose from: classic and new world. The new world mode is not so different from the classic mode.

It features a very small character that runs and jumps on four platforms hanging in the air in the middle of the screen. That sounds easy, doesn’t it?

Well, there’s quite a catch as some of these platforms have spikes protruding upwards that immediately kill that tiny character if he lands on it. Truth be told, it takes several tries before you avoid those spikes, so the game can also be frustrating at times.

The goal is to keep running and jumping to avoid the many traps along the way. There’s nothing too fancy about the gameplay as such. However, as you go on in the game, the frequency of traps increases.

Don’t be surprised if this game keeps you hooked for a while because it does take a lot of time to get ahead, and you don’t start where you left off. So every time you’re killed. you have to start again.

You start with 10 lives, but you can get more by watching a video or buying them with money.


As there’s not much going on aside from running and jumping, the controls are pretty simple. These controls are presented as virtual buttons on the screen, which, thankfully, are large enough to not just see but also press on.

However, the game doesn’t have many guidelines at the beginning for controls, which is a little strange. But that’s probably because the makers assume they are too simple and easy to be needing a detailed account of how to use them.

While these control buttons are big, they don’t get in the way of the game. You can clearly see the character, the course, and the traps.

How to Play Trap Dungeons 2 on PC?

While Trap Dungeons 2 is fun to play on your phone, you may want to try it on PC, especially if you really want the retro arcade experience because those arcade screens were bigger than our phones.

It’s not available for Windows per se; however, you can play it with the help of an Android emulator like Bluestacks. All you have to do is install the emulator and then download Trap Dungeons 2 for PC (APK file).

You can also find it on Google Play Store within the emulator but downloading the APK file is much easier. It’s literally just a drag-and-drop operation to get the game started on the emulator.

Wrap Up

Trap Dungeons 2 gives a wave of nostalgia if you’ve ever played those retro games back in the day. Even if you haven’t, you’ll find its gameplay, graphics, and sounds to be quite different from the games we’re used to these days. Also, you can play it on PC, thanks to emulators.

Terry Ts

By Terry Ts

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