Uni Student Arrested For Hacking Professor's PC Using GF's PCUni Student Arrested For Hacking Professor's PC Using GF's PC

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Uni Student Arrested For Hacking Professor’s PC Using GF’s PC. From recent reports a student from “Kennesaw State University” in Georgia is accused of improving his grades by hacking into his professor’s computer.

A guy name Chase Arthur Hughes, 19 years old was recently arrested and has been charged this week for hacking into the university’s computers in May. He changed his grades and also changed grades of some close friends. He allegedly upgraded one of his grades from ‘B’ to ‘A’, also changed grades of 2 of his friends from ‘F’ to ‘A’ and ‘C’ to ‘A’.

A student named Drew Weldon told WSB-TV Atlanta that “I mean, I thought it was pointless. Why would you go in and change your grade? I think I saw one of them he changed from a B to an A. It doesn’t seem to be worth the trouble”.

It is claimed that according to the police, this guy(Hughes) has performed series of hacks by using his girlfriend’s internet connection and didn’t just confine his cyber-tampering to one professor’s computer. Soon after the arrest of ‘Hughes’ the investigators has found the usernames and passwords for at least 36 faculty members in a notebook stored at his home.

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KSU interim chief information officer Lectra Lawhorne said: “While the system worked as it should and alerted the professors of the grade changes, additional measures have been put in place to help further detect unauthorized access”.

Hughes, who is a business major with a concentration in finance, is now facing three charges of computer trespassing, computer invasion of privacy, and computer forgery. If he is found guilty then he faces up to 15 years in prison.

Nowadays hacking has become so much open to everyone through movies, books, and especially the internet that everyone is getting in trouble after attempting hacks just like this story.

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