Nokia 7.2

Nokia has been notorious for not allowing it’s Android branded devices to be bootloader unlocked earlier. However, the HMD owned firm is now in a good stance by providing at least some of the devices out there if not every. The Nokia 7.2 is fortunately among the bootloader unlockable Nokia devices, so we’ll quickly look at how to unlock the bootloader, flash TWRP and then eventually gain the root access.

Nokia 7.2

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If we missed it, the Nokia 7.2 has official TWRP recovery support which is indeed a reason for the boost in the custom development sector for the device.


Unlock Bootloader of the Nokia 7.2

Important: Unlocking the bootloader may void the device’s warranty. Also, all existing data on the device will be erased. So don’t forget to take a backup of the device.

To unlock:
Update: Nokia has disabled the unlock ability with the December security release. You can only unlock only if you downgrade your phone to an old version.

Before you begin: Make sure that you have Minimal ADB and Fastboot installed on your PC. You need to open a Command Prompt or Terminal window in the folder where you have saved the platform-tools unless you have installed them system-wide.

  1. First and foremost, enable Developer Options by tapping 5-7 times consistently on BuildID in “About phone“.
  2. Then go to Developer options and enable OEM Unlocking option.
  3. Now reboot the phone into bootloader/fastboot mode. You can use the ADB command:
adb reboot-bootloader

or else use hardware keys to reboot to bootloader mode.

• Make sure the phone is detected in fastboot mode. Then send the OEM unlocking command:

fastboot flashing unlock

• Confirm to unlock on the phone.
Nokia 7.2 Root
• That’s it! You should now have an unlocked bootloader.

You can also do the unlock_critical if you plan to flash the bootloader.

Flash TWRP on Bootloader Unlocked Nokia 7.2

  1. Download TWRP-3.4.0-0-DDV_sprout_sprout.img copy in one folder
  2. Rename it to twrp.img
  3. Connect the phone to pc boot your phone to bootloader mode.
  4. Open cmd in that folder and Input
    fastboot devices
  5. Once your device is listed in the command output, type
    fastboot flash boot twrp.img
  6. Now get back to phone select recovery mode and now your phone boots into TWRP.

ROOT Nokia 7.2 Using Magisk

  1. Make sure you’ve transferred  the to your device
  2. Now on  TWRP main screen, go to Install.
  3. Choose from the file picker.
  4. Swipe the slider to flash and confirm
  5. Wait for the flash to complete.
  6. Reboot

That being said, hope you had a smooth rooting process. Be very careful while doing each step as a single mistake can sometimes cost you the whole device.

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