OnePlus, like many other traditional smartphone makers, have decided to enter the TV business. Like Xiaomi, Huawei/Honor, Nokia, and Realme, it has already released the OnePlus TV series in 2019. As you should know, OnePlus has decided to manufacture them not in China but in India. So with this move, it clearly showed what market it is focusing on first. Anyway, we have heard the successor of the OP TV is on the way. And today, we have got some interesting information concerning the upcoming OnePlus television products. Two remote controls have got a Bluetooth SIG certification. So we can say the new products are ready. And most likely they will hit the market in the nearest future.

OnePlus TV

Prior to this, the new OnePlus TV was listed on Bluetooth SIG under the model number 55UA0A00 as a 1+ LED TV. It seems we were dealing with a single model and different from 39 different model numbers that were listed last year. That time, a new 1+ Remote Control has also been listed under model number RC-003A.

The same listing also revealed the remote could use an updated Realtek chipset. But it wouldn’t be an interesting finding if we didn’t know some information concerning the remote and the TV itself. Generally, companies tend to use the same remote if it were minor upgrades on their TVs and it remains to be seen what new features will be present on the new remote.

As for the OnePlus TV, the upcoming model should use a 55-inch panel and an enhanced chip under the hood. Way earlier, we have found that OnePlus might use an updated MediaTek chipset seen last year. But we have no reliable information about this.

Argam Artashyan

By Argam Artashyan

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