The last update that Niantic produced had mixed reviews, mainly negative because they took out the ability to earn experience points (xp) when you caught a Pokémon with a nice, good or excellent throw. They also removed the three step feature. This showed the player how close the Pokémon was. some people where happy about this because it glitched quite frequently.

The last thing that they removed is the power saving setting. lots of people weren’t happy about it. The setting was taken out because it was slowing the game down. A good thing that they added was new clothing allowing players to have a wider range to chose from.

Next Update

In the next update to come there will be some very big additions. The biggest one is trading. Trading enables two different players to exchange Pokémon that they needs or want. When the game was first released the ability to trade Pokémon wasn’t in the game but now the CEO of the game’s developer have has released that in the next update there will be trading, which people seem to be quite excited about.

The next feature that will be in the next update is a global leader-board where everyone can see the best player in the world, they can also set goals for themselves. The last part of the update is improvements to the game’s augmented reality system which makes the Pokémon look better and they will also blend into the environment.

What People Want In Future Updates

In the upcoming Pokémon GO updates players want some features to be added. One of the most popular features to be added is friend battles. Everyone enjoys fighting in gyms but when it comes to trying to fight your friend’s Pokémon it is quite hard to do. What lots of players want is to have an option where you can fight you friend Pokémon in real time. Hopefully Niantic will hear our cries.

In the next few updates users want to be able to use is the mass transfer Pokémon feature. At this moment in time players can only transfer one Pokémon at a time to the Professor, which takes lots of valuable playing time, it is also quite boring if you have a lot of Pokémon to transfer. How mass transferring the Pokémon is if player want to transfer a large amount of there Pokémon it means they could get rid of all there low combat power (CP) Pokémon much quicker.

Another popular request to Niantic is to have a system where you can see where other trainers on your map. This feature would be great to find out if there is a hotspot, where you could find a rare Pokémon or there is a big gym battle going on.

The last feature that the players want to see is gym notifications. Nobody wants to come home from a day out and see that there nearby gym has been taken down by a rival team. Most people don’t even know if or when there gym has been attacked, but if there was a notification which told people when there gym was being attacked they could quickly go to the gym and take it back for there team.

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