Updated Messenger Has A Secret Football Game Revealed

The all new update Facebook messenger has arrived with its new feature including a football game, previously messenger presented basketball emoji on the eve of easter egg, not on the season #Euro2016 it came up with a new game which is a Football.

The game is really awesome as we have played but it only works on updated messenger application, update it and start sending Football emoji to your friends and you can tap after 10 seconds to start your interesting game. The game becomes harder after 10 successful taps, it starts distracting you by throwing different emojis.

Previously Messenger provides an amazing experience on chess and basketball games, users from a different country will also get the same update through which the new game will reach right on the messaging screen!

Updated Messenger Has A Secret Football Game Revealed

There are several conversation and debates on the messenger that Facebook will introduce another application attached with the messenger to play games but they were wrong at the moment and Facebook introduces on the chat emoji games! There is no doubt that it’s really a hidden addictive game that many people aren’t updated or if they even updated their application they will not be aware of this hidden game.

This is a new strategy of messenger to increase the number of users, not only users they also want users to remain active on messenger, the earlier games the #FBchess play is another example of this. This new game is very simple as said, tap it and it will start your game on a new innovated screen which will be only for your gameplay.

Facebook wanted to make another addictive platform and that is the Game on Messenger, basically, there are no age to play games if you have your phone with your having Messenger then you can stop yourself to play that game. It’s all strategy and development in the name of games.

Once the game locally updated and people/users aware of this new game then they would keep themselves busy on that platform, and Facebook also wants to create another platform for Games. Stickers are another examples of addictive sticky experience with friends.

Same as Facebook Messenger Apple is also making its iMessages service and messages application, which is more likely to the Facebook messenger and Whatsapp with having animations, GIFs, photo and video uploads options.

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