Google Underpaying Female Employees: Google has raised gender pay gap on all the employees working in the Company. On Friday, the Labor Department said this statement. According to the Guardian first, the discussion was raised from a continuous research of the research giant’s payment practices.

US Regulators Blame Google For Underpaying Female Employees – 2017

Before three days of research, the company has celebrated an Equal Pay Day. Hence, the research department started the payment discrimination investigation. In this week at San Francisco courtroom, an official department investigated and found enough proofs for filing a systemic discrimination against the search company.

US regulators Blame Google Of Payment Discrimination For Women Employees
US regulators Blame Google Of Payment Discrimination For Women Employees

The research department filed a suit upon the Google fo compelling the payment roll with anti-discrimination laws in January. According to a report in the Guardian’s, The Labor Department regional director Janette Wipper told in court on Friday “the research by the Government state that payment discrimination is severe in Google industry.”

On Tuesday, Google said in a tweet that the search industry has ended the practice of payment discrimination. They tagged this tweet as Equal Pay Day. The Uber’s general bias concerning female employees have propelled the search company’s gender discrimination issue severely.

The average of gender bias is more in technical fields and professional position. In previous years, we have come through many prosecutions and peculiar judgments which prove the measure of the biased platform in the Silicon Valley. The world is progressing, but the human thinking is not. When it comes to the biggest search industry, then it is very dangerous for future.

Recent reports state that barely 31 percent of Google’s position is taken by the women’s. That 31 percent comes from the lower posts, not the leadership posts. The result of this record is according to the payment system research of Google from 2015. Google was pending with various information and permitted the investigator to talk with the employees of Mountain View, California headquarters. The Recorder reported that the investigators asked for the information like profile, job history, salaries, contact number and struggling for offers.

US Regulators Blame Google For Underpaying Female Employees - 2017
US Regulators Blame Google For Underpaying Female Employees – 2017

After that, the company refused the investigators to meet with the employee and issued the information. Google claimed that the reason behind refusing the investigators was the risk of leaking data privacy of the employees and “overbroad in scope”. On Friday’s hearing, the lawyer from Google said that it was an act of Fourth Amendment rights for guarding the civilians against irrational activities.

According to the Labor Department, every industries and company are enabled to provide essential information to them. They are legally bound to do so. The department has issued a request in the court to sue all the companies which don’t cooperate with them. The court has ordered to cooperate otherwise, they will cancel all the contract made by Google.

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