Mark Zuckerberg: On Tuesday Mark Zuckerberg Facebook CEO started a two-day congressional interrogation. This was made for the public justification for a privacy embarrassment which has disturbed the monster social media. Zuckerberg has opened the statement before the Senate Commerce and Judiciary boards and took the charge for losing to check Cambridge Analytica. It is a data-mining firm which is connected with Donald Trump’s presidential attack in collecting the private data from 87 million users to control the elections.

US Senator Asked Mark Zuckerberg: How Its Free For User To Use Facebook?
US Senator Asked Mark Zuckerberg: How Its Free For User To Use Facebook?

Already Mark has regretted to users and the public. This was the first time he comes before Congress. In the interview, he not only restore public trust he also staves off governmental laws that lawmakers drifted. In the statement to senators, he regretted to the false news, hate speech, a loss of data privacy and the hindrance of Russian social media in the 2016 elections. The hearing comes to end at 7 p.m. EDT (2300 GMT) with the given date for Wednesday at 10 a.m. EDT (1400 GMT) which will be before a House of Representatives

Mark Zuckerberg told US senators that the company was trying to turn the light of the new analysis. Zuckerberg was in the formal wear with a dark suit and tie rather of his typical T-shirt and jeans. He said that they are going within a broad deep change at the company. The chairman of the U.S. Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation committee. He said in the history many of their partners in both ways have been liking to admit them to tech companies aim to improve. Zuckerberg said he does not assume his company is cornering. He also rejected the idea that the social media giant, with two billion users, has made the private control over its market.

When he was asked that if he thinks Facebook has a monopoly his answer was the normal American uses eight different apps for communicating with their friends. That is extending from texting apps to e-mail. Zuckerberg said to lawmakers Facebook is sharing with an appropriate adviser research into Russian collision in 2016 election. Facebook had been requested and was sharing with Robert Mueller’s free exploration, but that features of the service are secret. Zuckerberg said he was not informed personally about the particular conscious of any command of Facebook data.

US Senator Asked Mark Zuckerberg: How Its Free For User To Use Facebook?
US Senator Asked Mark Zuckerberg: How Its Free For User To Use Facebook?

Mark said that he needs to assure the security of the honor of elections, suggesting he knew all the upcoming polls in countries, including India, Hungary, and Brazil. He faced the hearing of Senate Judiciary and Commerce committees. He also added that the social media will constantly give free services to the users. Zuckerberg said in the hearing, between questions that the company’s marketing model of not pricing users also offering data to sponsors in making money. He added that it is their duty to connect people and bring them together.

Facebook is not selling the data and called it a misunderstanding of people that are having. He said they are not selling data to advertisers. Facebook has never got to see a falloff in practice in the information of the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Last week he already said that the company did not see the meaningful impact from an online attack to delete Facebook or some high-profile exits like Elon Musk’s companies extracting their pages from the site. Zuckerberg demanded the senators to ask if he should resign. These notes make us know that he had made the mistake and said the company is suffering from a big challenge but he will recover soon.

His statements were quickly evident to an Associated Press photographer on Tuesday hearing he had given the answer to the questions about privacy, election interference, and other issues. The bullet-pointed pages include divisions on ‘diversity’, ‘competition’, and GDPR, the European data-privacy rules which go within the effect next month. His statement was giving warning them that they don’t have to say Zuckerberg’s team already do what GDPR requires. The notes also suggest to Tim Cook, the Apple CEO who lately criticized Facebook. In one of the note, it includes that many of the stories about apps are misused Apple data and had never noticed Apple stated people.

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