Scenario1: You want to go live on YouTube or in other social media sites using your PC. But there is a big concern for you. Your webcam isn’t up to the mark to go live streaming.

Scenario2: You have been working from home recently. Work from home means you have to attend team meetings and presentations virtually. But wait, you have done the job, and it’s time to present it. All of a sudden, you understand that your computer webcam isn’t enough for the presentation.

What’s the solution in both of the cases? Where there is a problem, there is a solution. We have noted down a way through which you can use your Android phone as a webcam.

Using Android as Webcam
Using Android as Webcam
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Use Android Phone as Webcam

You can use various apps to connect your PC with an Android phone and use it as a webcam. All of the apps share a similar process. We are sharing the process using DroidCam(IP Webcam is another popular app). You can also use the app by connecting it with your PC or use an Android app through the same Wi-Fi network instead of using a USB cable.


  • An Android device with a good camera.
  • A cable to connect your phone to PC (USB Cable).
  • A tripod to avoid unnecessary shake (Optional).
  • And obviously your PC.


  • DroidCam Windows Program for your PC
  • Droidcam wireless webcam from Google Play (they also have a premium version; you can buy the premium version). Download it from here.

Note: The app camera generally works in 4:3 aspect ratio when in landscape mode.

Steps to use Android Phone as a WebCamera

Setting up your PC:

  1. After opening the zip file, extract all.
  2. Open the installation and follow the instructions to complete it.
  3. A shortcut to the program should be on your home screen. Open it.
  4. Choose the symbol with USB to connect by USB.

Now you are ready to set up your Android device

Setting Up your Android device:

  1. Connect your Android device to your pc through the USB cable.
  2. Open the DroidCam wireless app. Tap Next, and then you will get it.
  3. Once you enter the main screen, follow the sequence: settings > about phone > software information.
  4. Next, tap on the build number until you get a notification that the developer option is enabled. Then go back and tap on the developer options. Please make sure the developer option is turned on.
  5. Find USB debugging mode and toggle it on.
  6. Tap ok and check always allow from this computer.
  7. Go back to DroidCam wireless webcam app. Tap the HD button to unlock the 720p streaming.

Now, we can test the camera to see whether the Android camera is working on Laptop or PC.

Testing the camera:

  1. Hit the start button. Then you can experience the camera.
  2. To use the front camera, you need to stop the feed and click more sections. Then click setting, and from there, you can turn on the front camera. After that, start the connection again.

Connecting Android Phone as a Webcam:

  1. Now you can put the tripod or place your mobile camera behind the pc and connect it to your computer through USB cable.
  2. Then start the connection from PC and reposition yourself according to your comfort.
  3. Look at the PC screen. The website says it works with multiple sites like YouTube, Skype, Hangout, etc. Click on which website you want to use.
  4. Turn on Skype, YouTube, or Hangout to test how it works.

Now, you’re about to rock on the presentation, or social media live streaming. Just follow the above-stated process to use your Android phone as a webcam. If you have a better way, then comment below to let us know.

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