How To Use Your Android Smartphone As Computer WebcamHow To Use Your Android Smartphone As Computer Webcam

Today many smartphones are embedded with front camera and that is the merit or an advantage point for the users, and that front camera we can use as the webcam for our computer. That would be tricky that how really it is possible to make an Android camera working for Computer Webcam.

Having a webcam on your computer can be quite helpful to talk to other people face to face. But did you know that it is not necessary to buy a new one to enjoy all these benefits? Just have an Android device and follow the steps in this tutorial Gadgetsay-How To.

The Requirements:

  • Download Ip Webcam
  • IP Camera adapter
  • Wi-Fi network or 3G to connect both devices.

Although not mandatory, it is also recommended to use the Chrome or Firefox browsers to the process, since the Internet Explorer tends to suffer problems of conflict with IP Webcam.

After downloading and installing programs on their respective platforms, the first step to be taken in the process is to set up the webcam. Here, there is no secret: all you need to do is change values such as resolution and video quality, plus the camera’s orientation.

However, an optional feature that you will want to enable is the “Login / password“. That’s because, in addition to ensuring that others do not have access to your webcam, leave the application without a login can cause the system to malfunction.

Now with the Configuration onto your PC

With your settings, click “Start server” (the last button of the list of the application) to start transmission. However, we still need to prepare the computer so that it is able to capture the information.

To do this, start by copying the first line of text shown at the bottom of the screen exactly as it appears. Now open the IP Camera Adapter, paste the address in the “Camera Feed URL” – remembering to leave the “/ videofeed” just after the code; complete the remaining fields. If you did everything right so far, the values shown in the window should be similar to the image below.

Finally, click “Autodetect” and wait a few seconds for the process to be completed. Now, just restart the software with which you want to use your webcam.

After these few steps, your Android must be properly configured to connect to your computer and serve as a surrogate webcam. If the drive seems slow, it may be a good idea to decrease the quality settings of the application. Hope you liked it, This is al about that how can you use Android camera as a computer webcam.

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