This Is How You Can Use Google For HackingThis Is How You Can Use Google For Hacking

This Is How You Can Use Google For Hacking

Google is used for hacking by many government cyber secret agents. They also use Google search engine for obtaining several helpful data. Google search is used mostly by Cyber detectives and hackers but not in an ordinary way. They use Google search in a more advanced way for professional hacking.

In 2013, National Security Agency launched an eBook which explained the process of exploring for important information on the internet. The title of the eBook is ‘Untangling the Web: A Guide to Internet Research‘ and has 643 pages. It is guided to utilizing the web files, search engines, public websites, etc. The most vital section of this eBook is “Google Hacking”.

The book explains that “Google hacking” was not meant for public information it was confidential. Google’s spiders allow Google to guide all the sections, if not restricted. Robot.txt file will limit the use of Google spiders. Google began guiding files like Word, PDF, Excel and Access two years before. The webmaster should configure the Robot.txt file properly otherwise, the condition can degenerate.

Usually, some association fails to keep their data and files confidential. As a result, it emerges in Google’s search results. Google hacking can be used to gain such data and files. The below are the data which often leaks:
1) User ID, PC account logins, and passwords
2) Private or administrator business information
3) Private and economic data
4) Vulnerable government related data’s
5) Error in websites and servers

Following are frequently used Google hacking ways from which you can get vulnerable data’s.

Searching for Data’s Via File Types:
There are several authorisations who keep financial information in Microsoft Excel format. Therefore, you can search file types in Microsoft Excel format. You can search files in data file types like Excel, Word or PowerPoint. For the site, you can insert the company name or the URL of the company. You have to compulsorily enter a stock words and phrases like do not distribute, proprietary, etc. at the end.

Searching for Login Information:
You can search for login ID. The foreign sites generally adopt these expressions in English.

Searching for Passwords:

Occasionally, Google provides listings in the search results which are not for public use. The Passwords can be obtained from the type of errors.

[intitle:”index of’ site:za password]

Numrange Searches:
According to NSA, this is the creepiest searches of Google. Here you have to apply two numbers which are divided using two dots and without any gap. For example:

[ 617..780]

You can get an accurate view of this search in the eBook.

Bypass the Registration process:
Some site asks for registration in order to outlook its subject and this can be bypassed by using Google Hacking trick. You can use following technique in search:

[ inurl:database]
[ inurl:directory]
[ inurl:index]
[ inurl:companies]

You can obtain more techniques from NSA eBook.

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