rescue usb drive

Pros and cons go side-by-side, if the technology evolution has transformed the whole era abundantly, it has brought a heap of security threats as well. This guide will manifest how to remove all viruses from the PC using a rescue USB drive. Using this removable tool, you will be able to make your PC/laptop free of various destructive viruses, malware, and other threats.

rescue usb drive

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Presently, technological advancements are thriving at a whopping pace. It has made our lives full of comfort, easy, and better than ever before. But we can’t ignore the other side of the coin. We can simply assume nothing to be safer all the time in this digital world. The same ideology can be applied without any doubt in the computer technology domain.

Alongside a cumbersome collection of advantages, we also have a massive list of threats to grapple with. Every other day, we come to learn about new security threats and havoc, for example, viruses, malware, Trojans, key-loggers, and others. All these computer rivals can enter your PC via the internet, data sharing with infected PCs, and some other ways.

One of the woeful aspects is that some of these can even cheat your antivirus program installed to intrude your PC. Here we can take an example of Rootkit. A Rootkit (a sort of malware) has the ability to hide its identity from your antivirus software. It can refrain your PC’s antivirus from diagnosing it and get into your computer easily.

That’s why installing the only antivirus is sometimes not enough to deal with adverse circumstances. This is the juncture where the role of a rescue USB drive comes into action.

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What is Rescue USB Drive?

A rescue USB drive is actually a removable and bootable USB antivirus stick to fight threats via USB port. You just need to boot your PC through this antivirus chip to remove viruses, malware, Rootkits, and other threats from your computer safely.

Apparently, we opt to use the rescue USB drive when our installed antivirus program goes out of order. Similarly, we use the antivirus stick when our Windows OS is not accessible in a normal way.

Remove viruses from the computer using a rescue USB drive

Let’s go through some best ways to protect your PC against viruses using rescue USB drive. Before we implement the process, we need to create a bootable USB antivirus stick. It will run on your boot screen to perform scanning and removing viruses from your PC.

Method #1: Using Kaspersky Rescue Disk

  1. Firstly, insert any USB stick into your PC’s USB port.
  2. Now, download the ISO image of the Kaspersky Rescue Disk.
  3. Further, you need to follow the instructions given on the Kaspersky interface to create a USB rescue drive.
  4. Next, you will restart your PC with USB inserted. You will press F11 continuously to let your PC start booting your USB.
  5. It will lead you to the Kaspersky interface. Move ahead until you find two options – Graphic Mode & Text Mode.
  6. Click Graphic Mode.
  7. In this interface, you will have the liberty to perform scanning against dreadful viruses and other identified threats.
  8. That’s it. This is the method to remove viruses from a computer using Kaspersky Rescue Disk.

Method #2: Using Panda Cloud Antivirus Rescue Kit

  1. To create a rescue USB drive through Panda Cloud Antivirus, open the ‘Rescue Kit’ section on the main window of the antivirus.
  2. Click on ‘Create Rescue USB Drive.’
  3. Now, plug the USB drive into another (non-infected) PC.
  4. Click ‘Start.’
  5. Now click ‘Install,’ and it will start creating a rescue USB drive.
  6. After getting the ready-to-use rescue USB antivirus stick, move to PC you want to make infection-free.
  7. Insert the USB drive into PC and restart it. You PC will boot via the USB mode. In case it doesn’t happen, you will have to modify the boot sequence in the BIOS of your computer.
  8. You will face the ‘Panda Cloud Cleaner’ wizard after reboot.
  9. Press ‘Enter’ to accept the license agreement.
  10. Now, remove the USB stick on seeing the message ‘Please Remove USB’ in the wizard.
  11. After removing, you will see the ‘Analysis Can Now Start’ button.
  12. Press any key to restart your PC.
  13. Now, the Panda Cloud Cleaner will appear.
  14. Click the ‘Accept and Scan’ button. It will start scanning for the threats.
  15. After finishing scanning, the Panda Cloud Cleaner will appear with a list of malwares found. You can review the list for any legitimate file you want to keep safe.
  16. Click the PUPs you want to remove and then click Back.
  17. In the end, you can hit the ‘Clean’ button to disinfect your computer.

Method #3: Using Avira Rescue CD

  1. At first, you will download the latest version of the Avira Rescue CD on your Windows PC.
  2. After downloading finished, install the Rescue CD.
  3. Now, to create a bootable USB drive, insert a USB stick, and click on the ‘Burn CD’ button.
  4. Further, you will restart your PC after finishing the burning process. It will show you two options – Boot AntiVir Rescue System & Boot from First hard Drive on the black-colored interface.
  5. Go with the Boot AntiVir Rescue System option.
  6. In the new interface, open the ‘Update’ tab and then click ‘Yes’ if it asks to update the rescue system through the internet.
  7. Now, click on the ‘Start Scanner’ button in the ‘virus Scanner’ tab.
  8. Wait until the Avira Antivirus Rescue System scans and deletes viruses from your computer.

Final Words

So, this is how to remove viruses from PC using a rescue USB drive. Not only these, but there are also various other tools available you can use to disinfect your computer. In others, you have Hitman Pro, Norton Bootable Recovery Tool, ESET SysRescue Live, Trend Micro Rescue Disk, AVG Rescue CD, and many more to name.

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