vivo pattern unlock tool

This article explains how to download and use the Vivo Pattern Unlock Tool. This tool is also known by different other names if you search online such as the Vivo ADB format tool or Vivo FRP Unlock Tool. So with this tool, all Vivo smartphone users with blocked devices can unblock them thus effectively resolving a situation where you’re stuck at the Google accounts verification stage. This is a common scenario for Android users that are unfortunate to forget their login information. 

vivo pattern unlock tool

You can also use the Vivo Pattern Unlock Tool to bypass the security mechanism on your Vivo smartphone. If you’re done with rigorous thinking of PIN codes, passwords, or patterns. If you’re locked out of your Vivo device, do not despair, we’ll get you sorted in no time. 

It’s not uncommon that people forget things and more so their device login credentials. And sometimes a simple factory reset will not solve the problem, this is especially true if your device has Factory Reset Protection (FRP) deployed. FRP requires that you re-enter your Google Account credentials prior to resetting. Likewise, pattern/pin/password lock is not easy to avoid. 

However, you can use the pattern unlock tool to easily bypass FRP and password protection on your Vivo device. The FRP removal process and pattern protection are the same and you can easily resolve the problem by keenly following this tutorial. Therefore, let’s delve into the article without further ado.

 Overview Vivo Pattern Unlock Tool

vivo pattern unlock tool

Before we get deeper into the process of using the pattern unlock tool, lets first have a look at some basics and learn about it. This will help you understand the entire process better.

What is Factory Reset Protection (FRP)?

Factory Reset Protection (FRP) as the name indicates, is simply a security mechanism implemented in Android that protects your device from being factory reset. This is particularly helpful if you lose your smartphone or if someone steals your smartphone. Whoever gets your device without authorization will be unable to factory reset it without first entering the credentials to access the device. So if you think about it the FRP is very useful. 

This tool was developed to address the issue facing many smartphone users that lose their devices from theft in particular. In the past smartphone, thieves would easily execute factory reset to gain full access to the device but FRP prevents that to some extent.  Obviously, even FRB may not stop a very determined individual from accessing a device but you get the point, right.

Dodge FRP lock on Vivo Smartphone: 

So what happens when a legitimate owner of an FRP protected device forgets their login credentials you may ask. In this scenario, you can use the Vivo Pattern Unlock Tool or the ADB format tool to bypass the FRP lock of the Vivo device and gain access. With this tool, you can bypass the FRP block or pattern protection and reset your smartphone. If you do a quick Google search you’ll find many applications that claim to resolve FRP lock. However, in this article, we present a very simple and intuitive tool that you can use to bypass password protection and the FRP lock on your Vivo device.

The success rate of this tool is almost 100% so you won’t be disappointed. You can bypass FRP on any Vivo smartphone with a few clicks.

Features of the Vivo Pattern Unlock Tool / ADB format tool:

  • The tool is a free and intuitive software for Vivo smartphones.
  • Easily remove FRP or password protection on Vivo devices.
  • The tool can be used on any computer/laptop with a Windows operating system.
  • Check the connection between your computer and your smartphone.
  • Remove the password/PIN/lock sequence from the Vivo device.
  • Receive all the information on your smartphone.
  • Easy to use user interface.

Below is the download link for the Vivo ADB format tool.

Download Vivo Pattern Unlock Tool 

Steps to bypass FRP lock with the Vivo Pattern Unlock Tool:

Below is a guide on how to install the Vivo Pattern Unlock Tool / ADB format tool on your Windows PC / laptop.

  1. Go to the link above and download the Vivo Pattern Unlock Tool / ADB format tool.
  2. Extract the installation file and open it to begin the installation.
  3. Follow the instructions on the screen to install the Vivo ADB format tool on your PC.
  4. You also need to connect your Vivo smartphone to your PC to make sure the correct USB drivers are installed on your computer. Without the right driver, the ADB format tool will not recognize the Vivo smartphone.
  5. Connect your Vivo smartphone and open the pattern unlock tool / ADB format tool.
  6. From the device’s main screen, press the Remove FRP Lock button without disconnecting the device from the computer.
  7. After a few seconds, the bypass process will stop and you will no longer be asked to enter your Google credentials to access the device.

That’s about it, let’s proceed!

Steps to Disable password with the Vivo Pattern Unlock Tool:

So we looked at how to bypass FRP with the Vivo Pattern Unlock Tool. Below you will find instructions on how to disable password protection on your device using the same tool.

  1. You must first install the Vivo USB driver. You can download it here VCOM Driver“. These drivers are required for the PC to recognize your smartphone. 
  2. Turn off the device.
  3. Then press “power + volume up” buttons on the device together.
  4. The screen offers two different options: Recovery and Reboot/Restart. Use the volume keys to select “Recovery” and press the power key to confirm the selection.
  5. When finished, click the “Advanced” button and choose “Restart or Reboot with ADB”.
  6. Then connect the device to the computer with the USB cable and turn on the device. (If the device is not connected properly and the driver is not installed correctly, Comport will be visible in the Device Manager section of Windows.)
  7. Extra and launch Vivo Pattern Unlock Tool on your computer.
  8. When the application launches, enter the same port number specified in the device manager on the step above.
  9. Finally, press the “BTN2” button to initialize the process of bypassing the FRP lock on your Vivo smartphone.
  10. When the “Finish” message appears, the FRP lock has been successfully removed from the Vivo smartphone.
  11. Your device will reboot and format data accordingly.

You’re done!

That’s pretty much it folks. We trust you were able to bypass FRP or disable password protection on Vivo devices using our procedure. The steps outlined only work for Vivo smartphones. It may not on any other device. In addition, this tool works on Windows PC / laptop, we’ve not seen a version for macOS or Linux yet. If you have any problems with the instructions above, please let us know in the comments below. If you find a broken link, please tell us the link and we’ll update it. Still lots of interesting stuff to explore here. Check out our next article. 

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