WhatsApp Without Internet Balance: Hello Everyone, Welcome to Gadgetsay. Today we are going to discuss a very important tutorial that is how to use Whatsapp without internet data Balance and trust me, guys, the tutorial is very easy anyone who has a basic Android knowledge can successfully do this tutorial and the best thing is it is 100% free. During the time of tutorial if you find any queries then please feel free to ask us, by simply commenting in the comment box and we will get to you ASAP.

This tutorial is basically about an app known as HTTP INJECTOR and how to use it for free Internet. This trick may or may not work on some devices, but I have tested in two of my device which is running on Android Jellybean and Android Marshmallow respectively and in both of the devices it is working fine.

Use WhatsApp Without Internet Balance 100% Working 2017

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Things You Need:- 

  • Android Device
  • Http Injector (Download)
  • Sim Card without Any type of Balance

Step 1: Open a browser, I recommend to use chrome and then open “www.tcpvpn.com“. After that just scroll Down and you will get to see

Asia server then tap on Select in Asia and then Under Server TCP VPN ID 1 tap on Create username and password and then register.

Step 2: After registering you will get to see a green box with some details, write each and every detail which is visible inside the green box in a paper(This is very important).

Step 3: After that install and Open HTTP INJECTOR and then tap on the three line option in the upper left and then select the Payload Generator

Step 4: Fill and select the same things shown below and then tap Generate.

Step 5: Fill the remote proxy as globe.mymusic.ph:80 and then tap on the Start.

Step 6: Fill the details, which you had written earlier in a paper and make sure you must write 22 in the port section and after completion of form filling then Save, then enable mobile data and then click on start, Voila, You did it, Now you can Run whats app without data balance.

Note: If it doesn’t connect try connecting 3-4 times. you can check your connection status in the Log tab.

Every tutorial in Gadgetsay is for educational purpose, We are not
responsible for any loss.


  1. Getting an error message when using my android emulator(bluestacks). Says cannot run this app in the emulator

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