Alert: Your Debit Or Credit Card Can Be Hacked Only In 6 SecondsAlert: Your Debit Or Credit Card Can Be Hacked Only In 6 Seconds

Alert: Your Debit Or Credit Card Can Be Hacked Only In 6 Seconds

According to some researchers, the hackers can get the card number, the expiry date and the security code of your Visa debit or credit card in not more than 6 seconds by doing guesswork. They just need a laptop and an internet connection for this. For them it’s just a matter of few minutes and zap! They can steal your confidential information in seconds.

The hackers use a guessing game which is called Distributed Guessing Attack. In the recent Tesco Bank hack, the hackers used this process to break the security firewalls used in the prevention of online hacking. The members of Newcastle University claimed, “This is a very easy work for the hackers to guess the security keys and hack the Visa debit or credit card, all they need for doing this is an internet connection and a PC or laptop”.

Researchers also said that when the hackers try to get the card information then they try numbers of void tries but these cyber lawbreakers are not noticed at that time. IEEE Security & Privacy has issued a report in which they have written: “Hoaxers can use many websites at the same time to obtain the confidential information of your card”.

The hackers can obtain your card number, expiry date and the CVV number (present on the rear site of your card) by a procedure called exclusion. According to the members of Visa, the payment transaction has several steps and a user has to go through these steps while making a successful transaction.

They maintain the fraud payment in the starting level and it is very difficult for a hacker to cross this level. The cardholder or the users are notified about the privacy, securities, and the dangers while making a transaction but if the users don’t follow these rules and guidelines, their cards can be easily hacked.

If the owner of the card marks any fraud transaction, then they are safe from legal responsibility. Verified by Visa system is safe for the owners for online transactions.

A Ph.D. student of university’s School of Computing Science, Mohammed Ali explained there are two kinds of attacks which are not so harsh. When these two attacks are mixed up then it becomes very dangerous for a card transaction. First of all, the online transaction is made many times and is used in many sites a day.

These situations give rise to the increase in a number of attempts in a site. Secondly, when we make transactions in different websites in a day the websites ask for different confidential information’s of the card you are using. The hackers collect the information from each website one by one, like a puzzle and they join that information to hack your Visa debit or credit card.

This is the technique of online transactions through which hackers use to hack your card and do their purchase by your money.

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