How To Verify Facebook Page In Just Four Steps With This TrickHow To Verify Facebook Page In Just Four Steps With This Trick

Almost every social media platform has now introduced their verification process. Which means, verified page or account of a famous personality, celebrity or brand. As a normal Facebook user, we all rather create account or page with our name. It is also possible to create multiple accounts on the same name. So Facebook take serious step to make clear which one is official.

We all have Facebook accounts and Facebook pages for different purposes, but when it comes to celebrities they have to keep their page official and verified and doing this will be very helpful to represent yourself on the social media platform or you can represent your brand of products. Facebook is a platform that is shared by millions of people and hence getting your page verified is not an easy thing to do. This tutorial will help you in creating an official Facebook page.

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You need to follow few steps in order to get your Facebook page verified. There will be many other fake pages similar to your page but for your page to get verified will be easy if you follow these simple steps. Facebook will verify your page by a process that involves your presence on the Facebook account. For people who are already famous will not have any major problems to create a verified Facebook page. But for normal people who want to promote their brand or represent themselves will have to follow these steps to get the page verified.

In this process, the Admin of the page should submit a request to Facebook for page verification. Before starting the tutorial let me explain to you how to verify a Facebook Page. Basically, Facebook has divided accounts and pages into two categories. They are Personal or Business accounts and in order to verify the page you should check for the Blue Tick Badge beside the page name. If there is a ‘Blue Tick Badge’ then the page is verified.

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Requirements you need for this process are:

1. Passport Scan
2. Driving license scan
3. Birth certificate scan

Steps to verify your Facebook page:

1. Go to the page which you want to verify.

2. On the top right corner place your mouse pointer on Help option, Then you will see 3 options. Select “visit help center” then type “how do i verify my page” in the search bar which is located at the top and it will take you to a page.

3. Now fill the form and make sure you provide genuine details. If you’re verifying a page as public figure attach a photo of your ID.

4. After filling the form click the send button and then you have to wait for few days to get a reply from Facebook. After verification, you will get a reply from Facebook and then you will be allowed to create a verified Facebook page.

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