Anonymous Alien Life Evidence: The hacker-activist group Anonymous says NASA is about to announce the existence of extraterrestrial life. The announcement came from a YouTube account associated with the hackers, where one of them appears explaining the supposed secret of the US Space Agency. The disclosure of the Anonymous is based on a statement by Thomas Zurbuchen, partner administrator of NASA in April 2017.

During a congressional discussion on Progress in Search for Life, he said that “our civilization is about to discover evidence of alien life in the universe” And that “Taking into account that all projects and missions are clearly attempting this evidence, we are (NASA) about to make one of the most profound and unique discoveries in history.” The information is the British newspaper The Sun.

The video also adds that recent discoveries about the presence of hydrogen on the moon of Saturn, Enceladus, and the oceans on one of Jupiter’s moons, Europe, brings confidence about extraterrestrial life. Anonymous Alien Life Evidence: NASA also announced the discovery of 219 planets outside Earth’s solar system, of which 10 have similar characteristics to Earth’s planet. While stating that NASA will make the announcement, the group did not release any kind of report or recording that buys the belief.

Anonymous recalled another announcement by NASA last week: the discovery of 10 Earth-like planets that could be livable and contain water. One of the researchers in charge of communicating of news said that the exoplanets were detected thanks to the Kepler telescope and the finding will serve to “guide the design of future missions to imagine another Earth.”

The Anonymous group consists of individuals who seek to fight for the rights of the people above governments and are in favor of freedom of expression, as well as being strongly associated with hacktivist (hacker + activist) movements.

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