On February 22, VIVO officially released a video of the VIVO S9 conference, and announced the launch time of the new phone – March 3.


From the video, the VIVO S9 in the hands of the three spokespersons look quite attractive. Obviously the VIVO S9 is not only thin, but also very light. With the continuous upgrading and progress of VIVO S in 5G smartphone research and development technology, the weight of the S9 body will inevitably develop towards ‘positive optimization’.

Since the thinnest 5G smartphone currently available in the VIVO S series, the VIVO S7, has successfully controlled the body weight at 170g, with a thickness of only 7.39mm.


According to NeochaEDGE, the release time of the three promotional videos coincides with the birthdays of the three major spokespersons. Lisa’s birthday is March 27, and the video was released at 3:27. Similarly, Cai Xukun’s August 2 corresponds to 8:02, and Liu Haoran’s October 10 corresponds to 10:10. VIVO’s hard work has won praise from fans. There is reason to believe that the product strength of the VIVO S9 series will not let us down.

According to this first exposure, the VIVO S9 will use a 44-megapixel front dual camera, which is likely to be a combination of AF main camera + super wide-angle sub-camera. At the same time, the machine will also use a 6.44-inch bangs screen, support 90Hz refresh rate, and carry a 4000mAh battery + 33W charging combination. In terms of performance, the VIVO S9 is expected to come with the Dimensity 1100 processor.

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