On November 15th, the vivo WATCH 3 smartwatch was officially released on November 13th. This is the first vivo watch to be equipped with the Blue River operating system, with initial sales starting at 1049 yuan.

UNISOC announced today that the vivo WATCH 3 has a built-in Unisoc wearable chip W117. W117 supports 4G all network communication, and has been comprehensively optimized in aspects such as cellular calls, cell switching, and data services. In conjunction with MCU, it provides a more flexible design concept for vivo WATCH 3.

IT Home inquired about the official website of Unisoc and learned that W117 is a Thin Modem platform that upgrades the MCU Bluetooth watch solution to the cellular watch solution. It adopts a 22nm process, integrates 2G/3G/4G, has built-in LPDDR2, is equipped with a 1.0GHz A7 CPU core, and supports a complete eSIM solution.

The vivo WATCH 3 watch is equipped with Unisoc W117 chip and the first Blue River operating system

It is worth mentioning that the Xiaomi Watch S3 released at the end of last month is also equipped with Unisoc W117 chip.

Terry Ts

By Terry Ts

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