VIVO Watch

We have been talking about the first VIVO smartwatch even still in summer. Last month, the VIVO WATCH went on sale at a price of 1,299 yuan ($193). Today, VIVO announced that its first smartwatch Rally Orange color version will be officially released on November 1, and the price is also 1299 yuan.

VIVO Watch

The VIVO WATCH smartwatch adopts a classic round dial design. There are more than forty exquisite built-in dials with different theme styles, such as holiday, sports, classic, creative and love. The company emphasized that the VIVO WATCH dial is still being continuously updated to meet the versatile needs of users on different occasions.

In addition to the fashionable and avant-garde industrial design, the VIVO WATCH smartwatch also has a 24-hour health monitoring function.

It can monitor heart rate and blood oxygen saturation. When the user is working during the day, it can measure the pressure and body vitality value. Then, the watch will guide the user to take a deep breath, relax the body and mind, and restore the full body energy state. When resting at night, wearing a watch can record sleep information and generate sleep data record.

In addition, the VIVO WATCH can be transformed into a bus card and access card through a multifunctional NFC, bringing a convenient experience for daily commuting.

And its find phone function can make the smartphone play ringing, helping users find the smartphone quickly.

Unfortunately, the VIVO Watch is not a standalone smartwatch. So you can’t make calls directly from the watch. But when taking into account its high-end features and excellent design, this shortcoming is not that impressive.

Argam Artashyan

By Argam Artashyan

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