The vivo X100 series continues the Eastern aesthetic of “round sky and place”, inspired by the sun, moon, and stars. It adopts a mirrored stainless steel double ring design of the sun and moon (X100 is a dynamic moon ring, X100 Pro is an atmospheric sun ring), with a “sun pattern” craftsmanship on the outside, paired with the smallest curvature screen design in the history of the X series.

The vivo X100 series offers four new color schemes: Star Trace Blue, White Moonlight, Star Black, and Sunset Orange; Equipped with 6.78 inch 2800 × 1260 Super Retina 8T Eye Protection Micro Curved Screen, with a peak brightness of up to 3000nit, supporting the new night cat eye protection function; Adopting 8T LTPO backplane technology, the frame rate range has jumped to three times that of the previous generation Pro+.

The vivo X100 series launched the MediaTek 9300 processor, which features a full core CPU, a 12 core flagship GPU, and an APU790 with a built-in generative AI engine; Built in self-developed blue ocean battery, the standard version is equipped with an equivalent 5000mAh capacity battery, while the Pro version is 5400mAh, supporting zero battery speed startup. When the phone runs out of power, it can go from power off to logo on in as little as 4 seconds.

In terms of imaging, the vivo X100 standard version is equipped with a Zeiss ultra telephoto: a periscope structure design, and an f/2.57 large aperture, which increases the light intake by 85.5% compared to the previous generation Pro+; The newly upgraded vivo original image engine greatly improves the quality of telephoto images; At the same time, it supports telephoto and macro shooting, allowing for shooting from far to near. There is also a newly customized IMX920 ultra sensitive VCS biomimetic main camera with an f/1.57 large aperture.

Terry Ts

By Terry Ts

Focusing China's mobile phone and electric vehicle market, senior automotive media reporter.