For a long time, we are hearing about the launch of 5G technology which is expected to take the network at next-level. It finally seems that the telecom industry is working hard for the introducing the new technology. Recently, we found that Vodafone is deciding to analyze the 5G technology in some cities. They have declared that they are intending to organize a 5G trials program in seven cities in the U.K which will be executed by the ending months of 2018.

According to the telco, ” The 5G tests will be carried on some selective cities of UK including Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Glasgow, Liverpool, London, and Manchester. The company is trying to perform the test in between October and December this year. They have already employed a group of technicians for the latest project”. They further claimed that the technicians have started operating to expand 5G trial networks in more than 40 localities all over the cities.

Vodafone UK is the third largest mobile operator who aims at providing high-speed network all over. The company has initiated the groundwork for 5G services which is a continuation to previously 4G networks. The 5G technology will be one of the major success of the tech industry. You can assume the speed which you will get in 5G if you are currently using 4G network. As per Gadgetsay reporters, they will establish tests in places with huge smartphone users like sports stadiums, buildings, companies, and hospitals, and also in some select tourist spots.

Vodafone Will Soon Set-Up 5G Trials In Seven U.K Cities By End Of 2018
Vodafone Will Soon Set-Up 5G Trials In Seven U.K Cities By End Of 2018

Commenting on the latest test, Vodafone’s UK CEO Nick Jeffery claimed, “We want to make 5G and new fiber broadband services available to consumers and business throughout the UK, delivering a gigabit society for all. We will also be bringing ultra-fast 4G to several hundred sites in hard to reach rural areas this year, building on our position as the network that offers the best voice coverage in the UK.”

Previous reports suggest that the company examined the latest 3.4GHz radio spectrum band on a live 5G network on April, that reached within Manchester and the firm’s office in Newbury. For administering the 5G spectrum experiment, Vodafone managed a website at their Manchester call center, which consists of more than 1,000 customer service representatives. The experiment completely depended on MIMO technology merged with 3.4 GHz operating across the telco’s core 4G network.

Vodafone intends to introduce the high-speed 5G technology in the U.K by 2020. However, the company plans on starting the test and launch in some metropolitan areas by next year. The firm assumes that the upcoming 5G is unpromising to be selected by 50% of smartphone owners after seven years of the launch over the world. It is actually a promising task for the telecom industry.

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