Wanna Know How Much Apple And Google Earn In A SecWanna Know How Much Apple And Google Earn In A Sec

Have you ever thought how much money do this major tech companies make in a sec? Well by the time you complete your thought they have already earned Thousands of dollars. Yes, I’m not kidding, You still don’t believe me then just read this article thoroughly. And by the end of this article, you will get the idea of few major tech business companies who make’s a ton of money in seconds.

Wanna Know How Much Apple & Google Earn In A Sec?

We all use applications like Facebook, Gmail, Snapchat and others, But have you ever thought why they are providing their services for free? Without any paid to sign-up process? Also, there is no option to take money from you in any service in all these websites, Now you might be wondering why? Well, the reason is simple they don’t want the money from you.

Yes, they don’t want a penny from you because pay to browse option is not appreciated in the tech world. They want the money through you. Yes, you heard ,me right. They get ton’s of money when there are million or billion’s of people browsing their website.

Recently in the history of the internet, even cloud file hosting services are providing free service. Recently Apple announced a very major news which left the world in a shock.

Well, you might have heard about it. Don’t you? okay, I won’t embarrass you on this, so the big news was, they announced the sale of one billionth iPhone. Now imagine how much revenue could be of this company? And the list doesn’t end here. A virtual research institution known as Penny Stocks Lab has created a tool with which you can monitor in real-time on the internet.

The informational chest of all the IT companies. By this process, you can now know the value amount of how much money is made by major companies like Apple, Facebook and much more.

Wanna know how much the creator of iPhone makes in a sec? Over $ 5000 is made by him. Well, Google is next in the list by hitting the numbers to $ 1000. Twitter make’s 20$ for every second as per reports earlier.

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