Now You Can Watch 360° Videos In The Latest Version Of VLCNow You Can Watch 360° Videos In The Latest Version Of VLC

We all know about VLC media player. Almost everyone has downloaded it in their computers. VLC is the most used Open Source Media Player in the world. VLC is now introducing its new VLC VR Version. This version will be launched in 2017. This version is called VLC 360. In this version you can watch 360° videos.

VLC 360 is managed with the help of your mouse and keyboard for watching a video. This version is supported by Windows 7 and MacOS 10.10 OS.

360° videos are played with spatial specifications. This version is completed in association with Giroptic. 360-degree photos and extensive – position scenery shots with the spherical specification are also supported by VLC 360.

In present this version is not supported by android, iOS and Xbox but VLC 360 will be available for these devices soon. It also acts like a video converter.

The apps for VLC media player VLC-VR version will be available for many VR headsets like Google Daydream, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, etc in 2017.

If you want to download the latest version then visit the following link: Download From Officials

There are some unverified bugs and broken features in the VLC-VR version which videoLAN is trying to fix. The co-founder and CEO of Giroptic, Richard Ollier told “the VLC users can take full advantage of this latest version and will compete with this technological world”.

Giroptic is making a project of 360° and Virtual Reality (VR) image enhanced technology. Original, real-time image stitching technology, spherical photos and videos are created by Giroptic. It has helped in completing the VLC media player VLC-VR version. VLC’s will be soon available in 3D audio playback and head phones. We will keep you updated about the new versions.

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