Ways To Crack A Facebook Passwords & Protect Yourself From ThisWays To Crack A Facebook Passwords & Protect Yourself From This

Ways To Crack A Facebook Passwords & Protect Yourself From This. As we all aware of the fact that how Facebook trying to tighten their internal security in each and every web page, every day and every second there is a thousand of new users join Facebook.

Facebook now became world number one virtual society where millions and billions of users share their feelings from their birth to their death, we reveal our stuff and all with our friends or public.

But there is something we forget to understand and that is who the heck is watching our profile and all our secret messages, do you know that? probably we all really don’t know the truth behind this, do you ever realised that who can have controls on your profile? If not then today I will show you something that will help you to secure your profile from any vulnerability there is the possibility.

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Below methods will make you understand that how and which way the hackers and the regular folks can hack into someone’s Facebook profile without the owner’s concern, but don’t worry I will also explain to you how to make a prevention from getting hacked.

Methods1: How A Hacker Or A Tricker Hack Your Facebook Account

Reset The Password: The easiest way to hack someone’s FB account is by resetting the account password, basically, this method can only be done by a friend, because they are close to the victim and hacker somehow knows the basic information of the victim.

  1. The first move is to gain the victim’s Facebook login email address. If you don’t know then you can get it from the Contact Info Section of victim’s account.
  2. Now after getting the login ID you need to open the FB.com and then click on Forgotten Your Password? now type the victim’s email ID, now that account will appear click on that as “This is my account“.
  3. However, you are on resetting the FB password so for that Facebook will ask you to get the reset code via victim’s email, and you also know that you really don’t have access to the victim’s email account, so for that, you just need to click on “No Longer Have Access To These?
  4. Now it will ask you “How Can We Reach You?” now type your email address which is not linked/connected with any of your Facebook accounts.
  5. Now Facebook will ask you a question on that same after screen, the question is just like quiz if you are not close to a victim that is better to guess the things and if luck with you then you can change the victim’s account password. There is another step below.
  6. If there is a problem in guessing the correct answers then you have to click on “Recover Your Account With Help From Friends“. Now there is a twist, you are allowed to choose between 3 to 5 friends.
  7. Suppose if you selected 3 people then Facebook will send codes to them and you need to ask them the keys as codes Facebook send them, next you will have to enter those three different codes and click on Submit Codes.
submit codes
submit codes

Now How To Protect Yourself From this Facebook Hacking

  1. Make sure that your login email address is not the public email address, which means, you should not reveal your FB login email address to anyone, also make your primary email address as hidden only you can see that, Make it specifically.
  2. Whenever you are on setting up things with security questions, make those question and answers hard for others to guess. Don’t select the birthplace, your pet name, no anniversaries neither your first love name.
  3. The last one is to recover your account if hacked, follow the same process how it hacked, you can ask your friends and set up the things and get your accounts back.

Methods2: How to use a Keylogger To Get User ID and Password

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A very lethal application or software as keylogger, this is an application developed by hackers and software programmers, using this application you will get all the victim’s user ID’s and its passwords at the same time on your email address, basically, once the application installed on anyone’s computer the application itself is a stealth mode, which means it’s an invisible application runs background and not even the task manager will show you that this application is running.

How to use a Keylogger To Get User ID and Password
How to use a Keylogger To Get User ID and Password

So if users on that computer log in to any websites then it will record all the keystrokes, mainly the User ID and Passwords. This software is also capable of taking images, which can be controlled by another computer.

Steps to get installed and run keylogger successfully on victim’s computer.

  1. You can easily get the keylogger which is, of course, free, get it from CNET, some free keylogger really doesn’t work well so there is better to purchase one using Google and search for paid version of a keylogger to gain all its functionality.

Another One is Hardware Keylogger:

Hardware Keylogger
Hardware Keylogger

These work the same way as the software keylogger, except that a USB drive with the software needs to be connected to the victim’s computer. The USB drive will save a summary of the keystrokes, so it’s as simple as plugging it to your own computer and extracting the data. You can look through Keelog for prices, but it’s a bit higher than buying the software since you have the buy the USB drive with the program already on it.

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Now How To Protect Yourself From this Keylogger?

  1. Using firewall is the first part you should do, keylogger usually sends information through the internet, so it will monitor all your internet activity also will sniff out anything suspicious.
  2. Password managers are the best if you don’t want to always type your login ID and password, just copy and paste the text and it will not be recorded in keylogger unless you type any keystrokes.
  3. Try to update your software and change your passwords bi-weekly, it’s extremely needed because if any information the hacker holds then it wouldn’t work and will be useless data.

Methods3: What is Phishing Attack And How It Performs!

This method use by those people who have a bit knowledge of server and website, because using Phishing method means you will be required to work something on the internet creating a website and a bit of working in site template which will be a clone of the original Facebook login page.

What is Phishing Attack And How It Performs
What is Phishing Attack And How It Performs

What actually it is? Phishing method means you are creating a fake Facebook login page, the accuser may send you a fake FB login page URL to your email address or directly to your FB messenger once you click on the link it will open in another tab and thus it will ask you to log in again and then once you place or put your login credential and click on login it will be blank on next page, and your credentials will be sent to the web hosting account of accuser.

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How To Protect Yourself From Phishing Attack!

  1. Do not click on any link which looks suspicious and also if you still click on some links then do not submit your email ID or any credentials.
  2. Use anti-virus on your computer, place a tap on your web camera (Laptop), best Antivirus like Norton or McAfee,
  3. Always remember that Phishing occurs in every place on the internet, in Fb messages, email address or any post.

Methods4: What is Cookies And How To Steal Cookies From Someone’s computer

Cookies for an example; you eat some cookies and left its dust on your pants, just like if you are using the internet then all the data will be stored on your computer hard drive, information are also included your Login credentials, such as user IDs and its Pass, we have already shared ‘How To’ Article: how to get all the IDs and passwords from any computer by just inserting the pendrive, all the information will be on your pendrive.

Information stored on your Hard Drive from internet access is called cookies, the hackers will not get those passwords of yours, they can only clone the websites based on your cookies, which mean they can access victim’s accounts

There is an add-on for Firefox users, Firesheep used to sniffs web traffic on an open Wi-Fi connections. It directly collects the cookies and it will be stored in a tab of your web browser, from there the hacker can access the saved cookies, once clicked on the cookies it will allow the hacker to access the victim’s account, a hacker can continue having access to those accounts as long as the victim logged into the account from different computer, Once the victim logs out, it is impossible for the hacker to access the account.

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How To Protect Yourself From Stealing Cookies!

  1. Back on Facebook and go to your Account Settings and just under Security option make sure there is Secure Browsing is Enabled, Once your FB is encrypted as HTTPS Firesheep can’t even have access to your Cookies.
  2. Using Firefox you can also use SSL every time on every site, it will enable your whole internet connections as HTTPS, get these Firefox Add-ons as HTTPS-Everywhere or Force-TLS.
  3. Some Wi-Fi networks are vulnerable and are actually meant for sniffing into your cookies and accounts so don’t always connect yourself on any Wi-Fi networks.
  4. Use VPN, it will protect you from sidejacking if you are on the same network, it will enable network encryption.

Ways To Crack A Facebook Passwords & Protect Yourself From This. As we all aware of the fact that how Facebook trying to tighten their internal security in each and every web page, everyday day and every second there is a thousand of new users who join Facebook.

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